About Me

This is the rest of my tribe: Jamy, Isabelle, and Jackson. 

My husband loves to cook (win for me). He loves me and the kids well. Bella is passionate, artsy, and inhales books. She also has a flair for the dramatic (with everything) and we're encouraging her save most of these skills for the actual stage. Jack has equal passion but is all boy and full tilt. All. the. time. Jackson is a natural at sports and his current obsession is Tae Kwon Do and the Rubik's Cube. Our family laughs a lot. Mostly at ourselves.

Things you must know about me...

  • I love Jesus, my husband, and my two amazing kids.
  • I'm an avid coffee drinker.
  • I'm also crazy about adoption and breastfeeding and love when they go together (yes - for real!)
  • I have a fascination with reality tv.
  • Our family is not picture perfect. In fact, Jamy and I have been through some rough waters. But God his writing a good story.

Officially I'm an adoption consultant, unofficially but more importantly I'm a wife, a mama, and a lover of Jesus. 

And I use this space to share about my messy, grace-filled life.
Wanna connect?  Reach me at susan@christianadoptionconsultants.com

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