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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Adoption Story: Alex and Emily

Alex and Emily began their adoption journey the winter of 2020. While it was easy to assume their adoption process would be smooth, little did they know a global pandemic was about to rock the world. In the last two years, Alex and Emily learned new ways to embrace patience and trust God's timing for their family. Today Emily shares the story of how they welcomed their son into their family!

Our journey to adopting our sweet little guy is nothing short of a miracle and leaning into God's timing (which is never our own!). We began the adoption process in the Winter of 2020 and went active with an agency March 2, 2020. Yep. You read that right...just 11 days shy of the world turning upside down! Even in the midst of uncertainty, we held onto hope that the Lord would sustain us through this process. We were shocked to match just a few short weeks later, but were heartbroken when the due date approached a few months later and it turned out to be a scam. After almost another year of waiting we matched again with a young couple and walked through the pregnancy with them offering encouragement, support, and prayers along the way. Ultimately, right before the baby was born they decided to parent and while we were heartbroken, we continued to pray for the Lord to strengthen their little family throughout the baby's life. 

We began to feel like adoption would maybe never happen for us, but clung onto our family's verseJeremiah 29:11-13: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  We strive to remember the Lord’s promises for our family and to seek Him throughout every rise and fall of the adoption process.

At this point in our adoption journey, just shy of two years in with two failed matches, we decided to try an alternate route and looked into an adoption consultant. We interviewed a few agencies and were thrilled to meet Susan with Christian Adoption Consultants. She answered every question we had, listened to our fears and hopes from our previous experience, and explained all the ways a consultant can help to "cast our net wider." She also helped us create the most perfect adoption profile book that truly captured who our family is, and that ultimately aided in connecting us with our son's birth mom!

In December of 2021, in a local foster/adoptive mom Facebook group, a fellow adoptive mom posted about how her daughter's birth mom was pregnant again and looking for an adoptive family. Following a nudge from the Lord, we reached out and eventually connected with our son's birth mom. We emailed and texted for two months getting to know each other and before any lawyers or adoption anything began to shape up, we were surprised to get a call that the baby was born in an emergency situation seven weeks early! We dropped everything and headed down to Tennessee to be with her and our little guy. He was born at just 2 pounds 2 ounces and stayed in the NICU for a month growing stronger. After a whirlwind of a month away from home and our older son driving down with our parents to visit, it was the best feeling in the world to drive the ten hours back to Virginia with both boys in the car!

When we began the adoption process we naively thought we would be the story of the family who matched quickly and brought a baby home within a few short months! But what it didn't leave room for in that "picture perfect plan" was all the ways the Lord was going to continue to push us out of our comfort zone, leading us to become a foster family, grow in compassion for others, serve our community, and wrestle with patience when there seemed to be a lack of forward motion. Our son's adoption paperwork was filed on March 2, 2022, exactly two years after we began our adoption journey. Had we given up, we never would have brought our beautiful son home. We look forward to raising our son to know the Lord, be an important member of our family and his biological siblings and family, and to serve all in love. He will do mighty things this side of eternity - we just know it!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Adoption Story: Jared and Abbie {Part 2}

Earlier this week, Jarred and Abbie, began to share the story of welcoming their son into their family (as  Abbie blogged over at Naturalee Homestead throughout the process). Check out Part One here. Today Abbie is sharing excepts from the second half of their adoption journey with Christian Adoption Consultants. I especially love how honestly she shares the emotional roller coaster the hospital experience can bring, the bittersweetness of adoption, and the incredible love they have for their son's birth mother.

March 25, 2022, Archer's Birth Story 

Saturday morning, March 12th, Jarred and I got in the car and started our ten and a half hour drive to Utah. I was so excited and yet had the pit in my stomach of “what if.” What if we get there and the agency calls and says she changes her mind. What if we meet her at dinner and she doesn’t like us? What if we meet the baby and she changes her mind at the last minute. How would I handle it?

The whole drive there we just kept talking about how excited we were and nervous. We talked about his name and that we were pretty sure that was the right one. We talked about logistics, sang a lot of 90s country songs, and were over joyed when we realized speed limits through Idaho were 80 mph!

Headed to Utah!

We got to our hotel around 8:30pm and were checked in by the kindest woman. Sunday we slept in and decided to have a slow morning. We made coffee and breakfast and talked excitedly about dinner scheduled for that night, where we would be meeting Archers birth mom, Mama J for the first time. We were excited and nervous. Wanting her to like us, and hoping that we would just click.

The fifteen minute car ride to dinner I kept telling Jarred, I feel like I’m going to puke, I was so nervous! Mama J walked through the door of the restaurant and I asked her if I could give her a hug and she said yes. It was so nice to finally meet the woman who we had been praying for, and who had chosen us to be the parents of her child.

We were able to connect and multiple times she said how sure she was of choosing us, and that she was so thankful for us. We discussed her wishes for openness moving forward and our wishes for her to be a part of his life. We left feeling so at peace, so thankful and also so heartbroken for her. Adoption is such a roller coaster of a ride. Highest of highs and lowest of lows. 

The next morning, March 14th, Mama J went in to be induced. Around 1:00pm we got a text that she was 4cm dilated. We were headed to grab lunch at about 2:00 when we got a text she was fully dilated and doctor was on his way! We were so excited and ran back to our hotel to eat. About 2:45pm we got a call that he was born at 2:29pm, 6lbs 13oz and 19 inches long! We quickly got a text with a couple pictures and he was absolutely perfect! She said they would let us know when Mama J was ready for us to come.

The first picture we saw of our sweet boy.

We sat at the hotel giddy with anticipation! We packed and repacked bags hoping the hospital would allow us to spend the first night with him there. At about 3:30pm, we got a text that Mama J had decided she would like to spend the day and night with him and for us to come the next day instead. Our hearts shattered when we read those words. I burst into tears that this baby was so close and yet untouchable.

We cried together, not only because we couldn’t see him, but what does this mean? We knew it was good for her to spend time with him before she says goodbye. And yet the idea that she might change her mind and we may never get to meet him was looming over us. We turned on worship music and spent the next two hours crying and praying. I kept telling myself that she gets 24 hours, and we would get the rest of his life, and she deserves to spend the time she wants with him. After we sat with the news we sent a text to Mama J, telling her that we were happy she was getting time with him and that we couldn’t wait to meet him tomorrow. We went to bed early feeling helpless, emotional, and hoping that tomorrow would be better news.

After the worst night of sleep ever, waking every couple hours and just praying for what was to come, we woke up and got a text that we were to be at the hospital at 11am! At 10:40am we got in the car and made our way to the postpartum unit. We were buzzed in and asked to wait in a room labeled bonding. After a couple minutes Mama J’s caseworker came in and said Mama J had decided not to be there when we met the baby and for us to go in together. Right then Mama J came in and said hi to us. We gave her the biggest hug and told her how beautiful he was and how thankful we are for her. We gave her some flowers and hugged her again. As she went back to her room she said to us “You have a cute boy in there!” and we were walked to the nursery to meet our son for the first time!

Tuesday, March 15th at 11am, almost 24 hours after Archer had been born, we walked into the nursery to meet our son. We were greeted by the sweetest nurse, Jocelyn, who gave us a hug and said how excited she was for us! I immediately began to cry overcome with emotion. So much back and forth, so much heartache and longing, it was finally here. The day I had quite literally been waiting my entire life for. To meet our son!

We were taken into a small room and after a couple minutes they wheeled in the tiniest, sweetest boy. I picked him up from his bed and instantly knew this was the baby God had chosen for us. The most perfect, beautiful baby. This baby was the reason for all those negative pregnancy tests, for all the “not yets” from expectant moms. It was all because this was the boy, hand picked out for us.

Our first family picture.

We cried as we held and looked at our sweet baby. I felt the most peace I had felt since we left for Utah. Which can only be explained by God’s grace and perfect peace. We still had 3 and a half hours until mama J would sign papers, officially relinquishing her legal parental rights. The earliest she could sign documents is 24 hours after birth per Utah state law. Once she signed, it would be permanent and irrevocable.

When I thought of what this time in waiting would be like, I imagined I would be filled with fear and doubt. But I sat and held this perfect baby in total peace. We spent the next few hours with him until it was time for consents to be signed. My heart broke for Mama J. Knowing what she was about to do, and what she was about to give up— raising this precious boy.

We prayed for Mama J to have strength and feel peace in her decision. After about 30 minutes the consents were signed and she was quite upset. I got up and gave her a hug. I told her that I promised we would take the best care of him and that we already loved him so much! That we were so proud of her and promised we would send photos and updates. We told her she was amazing, and that we would make sure he knew how incredible she was. Jarred and I had talked about it, and felt that it was important she know her son’s full name, including his last name. Most agencies keep last names from both the adoptive and birth family. We told her that we wanted her to know our last name and that we truly hope she is a big part of our lives. She thanked us over and over for telling her, and said how thankful she was for us and that she went with her gut when she chose us.

We walked her out to the car and gave her another hug goodbye promising to keep her updated. We went back up to be with our son and all day (all week really) had tears in our eyes for his birth mama, who was grieving her baby while we sat holding him, finally having everything we ever wanted. That bittersweet feeling is something I will never forget.

Archer is doing amazing! We spend our days snuggled up bonding skin to skin. He had a special visitor on his one week birthday, his birth mom! She came and snuggled him and got to see his beautiful face in person after seeing the many pictures I sent. She told me again how much it meant to her for us to allow her to come visit and to have shared our last name. She said while it’s been hard she is doing well and is so thankful she chose us and that he has us. She said she knows she did the right thing for him.

We love Mama J, we love open adoption, and we hope that our relationship with her will only grow stronger. We are so in awe of how perfectly this entire journey was orchestrated by God. From the beginning we had been praying for a birth mama who was kind, strong, loving and someone we could really bond with, trust and love. And boy did God deliver! We are so thankful, so in love, and so ready to get home and introduce him to family and friends!

We are the luckiest parents and we think it’s pretty cool that Archer has us and his birth mom loving him fiercely.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Adoption Story: Jared and Abbie {Part 1}

Jarred and Abbie have an amazing story of welcoming their son into their family with the help of Christian Adoption Consultants. And Abbie chronicled it over on her blog, Naturalee Homestead throughout the process. Today Abbie is graciously sharing excerpts here to share the story of their son and God's faithfulness as they grew their family through adoption. Today you'll get the first half of their adoption journey!

May 28, 2021, We Are Adopting!

We have been waiting in anticipation to grow our family and it has been more challenging than we expected. After several doctor visits, rounds of lab work, second opinions and lots of prayer, we were told naturally conceiving could continue to be difficult for us. 

Instead we will be pursuing domestic infant adoption! Meaning our baby could be born anywhere in the US, most likely not from Washington. Currently, we are in the home study process and creating our profile book. The home study, and the profile book are some of the most important pieces. The home study gives us the OK to go “active” and present to expecting families. The book is how expectant moms will get an idea of who we are.

Adoption is exciting, scary, hard and beautiful. It is a journey that comes from brokenness and we are prepared for a lot of ups and downs. We know that God has led us on this path. Already, He has shown us that he has been intentionally placing people in our lives to prepare us for this journey. We are confident he already knows our baby, and when that baby will be in our arms. Through this whole process the song “Promise Keeper” by Hope Darst has been a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness.

You are the promise keeper, your word will never fail. My heart can trust you Jesus. I wont be overwhelmed. My eyes are going to see, miracles and victories. You are a promise keeper, your word will never fail.

I see your goodness in the land of the living, I see your goodness right here right now. ‘Cause you know the ending before the beginning, I know that you have worked all things out.

Promise Keeper, By Hope Darst

We are so excited to share our journey. We know that it very well could be a long road. But we trust that there is something for us in each step, in each high and low, and that it will all lead to our precious baby!

With much gratitude,

Jarred and Abbie

July 20, 2021, Adoption Update

It has been just shy of two months since we announced that we were adopting! And a whirlwind at that! It has been full of paperwork, phone calls, lots of prayer, fundraising and overall excitement! We are so thankful for everyone that has shared their excitement with us, and for those that have generously donated already! We wanted to provide an update of what we have been doing since we announced.

Home Study: As of today we are officially Home Study Ready! This means we are legally ready to adopt when the situation arises! We had a fabulous social worker who was so quick and helpful in this process. We had to gather tons of documents, have a 90 minute interview, home visit, and complete a 15 page document all about us and our past. We got two separate sets of fingerprinting done, one locally and the other in the Seattle area. We are now the proud owners of a 15 page written report about us with the seal of approval!

Profile Book: The talented and lovely Meaghan Bickel, of Joy Photography Ellensburg heard our story and offered to take our photos for our profile book as a donation to us. We are so incredibly thankful for her generous gift of her time and talent. We got our photos back last week and they turned out beautifully!! They truly capture us, our life and personalities. We submitted them to our profile designer and should have our profile book completed soon! Once that is complete we will order copies to be printed. Once we have those printed we will submit the applications to the agencies we have chosen to work with and we will then be an active family waiting for a match!

Fundraising: We have been overwhelmed and humbled with so many people coming together and donating to us to help with our adoption expenses! We have received so many generous direct donations of funds that have been added to our adoption account. We also had so many items donated to us for our fundraising yard sale. The two day yard sale alone brought in over $2,600!! Far exceeding our expectations! We are so excited to announce that we are halfway to our fundraising goal! We still have a long way to go, but being halfway there only two months into our journey is AMAZING!

These sweet cousins hustled at our yard sale to raise funds to bring home their new cousin!

Next Steps: Next step is applying to agencies. We are waiting for our profile book to be completed and then we will mail the application packages. Once received by the agencies they will go through all of our documents and then we will become an active family! When we are active, we will wait to hear from the agencies about “situations.” Situations are when an expectant mother or family has contacted the agency and has decided to move forward with making an adoption plan. When a situation comes up they will present it to us and we get to decide after reading the information if we would like our profile presented. If we choose to present, they will include our profile book with the other families who have said yes to presenting and the expectant mother/family will choose from there. This is where the waiting game truly starts.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that we will continue to have peace in our hearts and minds as we wait to be selected and matched.
  • That we can raise the remaining funds needed for adoption expenses.
  • We ask that you pray for the expectant mother and family who we will match with. That she will be surrounded by supportive people, feel confident and peace in her decision to make an adoption plan. And that she will just “know” we are the family for her child when she sees our profile book.

August 6, 2021, We Are Active, Waiting to Match!

We are so excited to announce that we are an active, waiting family! Our home study is done, our profile book has been printed (it turned out beautifully!) and we are officially in the portion of waiting. We are prepared for this part to take some time (but hope that it won’t). Along with everything else, Covid has impacted the number of US adoptions. So it's likely our wait time will be a bit longer.

It's a bit of a weird shift. For over two months we have been busy with research, paperwork and decisions. Now our only job is to wait, present to situations, and continue to pray for the expectant mama we will eventually match with, and wait some more. We have already started to see situations and got our first “Not yet” as the adoption world likes to call it, even though it feels like a big NO. While we knew the likely hood of being chosen on our first presentation was slim to none, we couldn’t help but think “What if” and look at flights and airbnb’s in the area of the expectant mama. Even though we are disappointed, we are at peace with knowing this isn’t the baby God has planned for us.


Luckily we have many things to keep our hands busy as we wait. Nursery preparations have begun! While many people choose not to start the nursery until they have been matched, its a fun project for me that feels intentional. It's also a place that I can spend time praying for our expectant mama and baby. We have no idea when we will match and in the event it is quick, we want to minimize stress by having things ready. We have the carseat, crib and a few items washed in the event we get a call that baby has already been born and we need to get on a plane. While that is an unlikely scenario, it's nice to know we are prepared. I spent this past weekend organizing clothes by gender and size. We have been blessed with enough hand-me-downs from cousins to clothe boy girl twins up until 2 years old!

Throughout this whole process Jarred and I keep looking at each other and saying “Wow, we have the best community of people!” We are overwhelmed each day by the generosity of so many. Multiple times we have been in tears of gratitude when we think of all the people supporting us. We truly are so thankful for each prayer, congratulations message, interest in the process and donation to help with the significant costs associated with adoption. We truly have the best family and friends!!

Prayer Requests

    • Continued prayers for the expectant mama we will be matched with. That she feels supported, peace in her decision and that she just “knows” we are meant to be her baby’s parents.
    • For peace and patience in our hearts. That we can push all anxiety and fear away, and go forward in peace knowing our family will come together in His perfect timing.
    • That we will feel a strong connection to the right situations to present to. That He will protect us from situations that are not meant to be and guide us on when to and when not to present.
    • That He will keep our baby protected from any potential harms.
    • That the funds needed will be available as we need them to bring this sweet babe home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our tribe and cheering us on. We truly couldn’t do this without you all.

With love and gratitude,

Abbie and Jarred

December 25, 2021, We Are Matched!


We had the most special Christmas this year! Christmas Eve was spent with family going to Christmas service at church, appetizer party at our house after, where the kids made gingerbread houses and opened gifts from Jarred and I. And then we spent the evening playing games and spending time together.

After everyone went home and we were finished cleaning up I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call from our adoption agency along with a voicemail! We had presented to a situation about 3 weeks prior and had assumed we wouldn’t hear back until after Christmas as it had already been a longer wait time than the others we had presented to. My heart began to beat quickly as we had always received an email with an update that we had not been chosen prior… never a phone call!

I listened to the voicemail from our case worker saying “Hi Abbie I am calling on Christmas Eve, and just give me a call back as soon as you can!” I grabbed Jarred and we called her back together. She quickly answered and shared the news that an incredibly brave and selfless woman had chosen us to parent her child! She wanted to make sure that we found out on Christmas Eve or Christmas so that we would get the best present this year! We immediately began to cry out of so much excitement and thankfulness! She went on to say that we had been the first book she looked at out of the stack of books she had received and was drawn to us immediately. But she wanted to give everyone a chance. Which is why her decision took longer. This was such an answer to our prayers! Each situation we have presented to, our prayer was that the expectant mom would feel immediately drawn to the right family and she would feel at peace, even if we weren’t that family.

We are so excited to share and announce that we are officially matched! Baby boy is due March 2022! We can not wait to meet him and his incredible mother who chose us! We already feel so connected to her and love her and that sweet baby boy so much!

Thank you for all of your prayers so far! We have made it through the first step of waiting, and now onto the second wait time until baby is born. We would ask for continued prayer for a healthy mom and baby. That the time between now and birth our relationship with the expectant mama will grow and we can have a good foundation to begin what we hope to be a life long relationship! And lastly please pray that any anxieties in this wait will be pushed aside. While she has chosen us and we have committed to one another, she can change her mind at any time until she signs documents 24 hours after birth making it final.

Thank you for all of your support! We can’t wait to keep you updated and share news of our sons' arrival in just a couple short months!

Stay tuned for part two of Jared and Abbie's story in the coming days! (You can find it here!)

Monday, March 7, 2022

Adoption Story: Tim and Andrea (again!)

When Tim and Andrea decided to grow their family for adoption a second time, it would have been easy to assume it would be a similar process with the help of Christian Adoption Consultants. But an unexpected global pandemic and job change quickly changed all of it. You can find the story of their first son here, and today, Andrea shares the story of how their second son was an unexpected, long-awaited, and beautiful surprise.

Back in January 2020, we completed and submitted their paperwork for our second adoption and were eagerly anticipating being matched with a birth mom within a short amount of time. Our first son's adoption happened quickly and we only had to wait a mere five months for his arrival after being matched with his birth mom just three weeks after our paperwork was completed. But God had different plans for our family the second time around. The first change to our plans occurred when the COVID pandemic arrived in the United States, just eight weeks after we were fully active. The pandemic stalled and shifted a lot of things worldwide and slowed down adoption placements in the US. With the pandemic, we knew our time would be further extended. In the middle of the pandemic, I accepted an offer for a new job. It was a nerve-wrecking step to take because in a new role, FMLA was not going to be possible until a year after employment which meant that if we matched with birth mom and baby, Tim would have to take FMLA during the adoption transition time. Yet, through both the pandemic and a new job for me, we trusted God was in control and had the best plan for our family. 

Fast forward a whole year later to the spring of 2021, and I began to feel an impression on my heart that said "profile book." Not knowing what it meant, I dealt with it all summer long, often asking Tim if he thought we should update our profile book. When we first created our book, our first son was only 18 months old and by this time he was nearly three years old and we were wondering if we should update it.

An evening in October, Tim finally agreed we should get new family pictures and update our profile book. The next morning I emailed Susan, our CAC adoption consultant, to tell her we would like her to start a profile book update. A mere three hours after I sent the email, I received a phone call from a Florida adoption agency during my lunch break at work. The social worker on the line greeted me with a pleasant comment, but the one that forever stands out in my mind was "There is a baby that has been born and is waiting for his forever family. Would you like to become a family of four?" Elated, I 3-way called Tim and together we worked out the plans with the social worker to meet the little guy the following day down in Florida. Amidst all of the discussion and doubt surrounding our profile book, surprisingly it was the one thing that was never even used in our son's adoption since the adoption agency selected us instead of the birth family in our unique situation.

Despite having to wait 22 months and view over 105 expectant mom profiles, we see God's handiwork throughout the entire time. First, we didn't have to do any traveling during the start of the pandemic when travel was uncertain. Second, we were matched with our son just two months after I became eligible to have FMLA through work. Third, God provided many provisions from gift cards from family and friends, to grandparents to watch our first son, a donation of housing to avoid having to rent, and so much more while we awaited clearance from ICPC in Florida. And through it all God definitely challenged us with a lesson in patience for His perfect timing. Now home with our two sons, we are overjoyed to be a family of four. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Adoption Story: Matt and Hillary

Matt and Hillary have a unique adoption story. When they started in 2019, they had one daughter, Ada. By the time they walked through adoption in 2021, they added another daughter, Corrie Grace, and their son through adoption, Shepherd! Hillary shares today how their family and hearts grew in the last few years.

After adopting our oldest daughter Ada in 2018, Matt and I knew that we wanted to adopt again. She is such a little miracle and we love being her parents. 

Our friends had adopted their twins through Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) and recommended Susan to us. It was really important to us that the adoption agencies we worked with were vetted to be ethical by CAC. It can be hard to know how to choose agencies and move forward in private domestic infant adoption. Susan walked us through the whole process and gave us all the information and resources we needed to be successful. 

We had previously pursued fertility treatments but they did not result in a pregnancy at that time. We started the process in 2019 with CAC, but found out that we were pregnant naturally a few months into the process. We chose to put our adoption journey on hold for 18 months to enjoy our daughter, Corrie Grace and adjust to having two little ones. 

In March of 2021, we dove into the adoption process again with Susan. It took a few months to get to the presenting phase as we updated our home study, updated our profile, and became active again with agencies. We presented to our first situation in June of 2021. We spent that summer praying and presenting. 

The wait can be brutal. Matt and I tried to remember that each “No” we received was someone else’s “Yes.” We wanted to rejoice with the family that had gotten their miracle today while we prayed that someday it would be our turn.  

September 2021 was our "Yes!" Our son’s birth mom, "K," chose us two weeks after we presented our book to her. She wanted to be sure about her decision!  That two weeks of waiting was emotionally difficult for us as we felt so out of control. A dear friend sent me the song Just as Good by Chris Renzema and we listened to it on repeat those two weeks!

I work as an RN in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I got the call that K had chosen us while I was at work! I went into an extra room and just sobbed with joy as I called Matt to tell him the news. I came out to the nurses’ station and all my co-workers celebrated with me; it was a really special day. In fact, all the important phone calls in our adoption journey happened while I was in the NICU! I spoke with K for the first time over the phone at work. We found out that she was expecting a boy in October, while I was at work, of course! 

The next few months were all about preparing, hoping, and praying. I wrote a note to K every week that we were matched which I found to be a really important part of our process. She is such an amazing person and getting to grow our relationship over that time was a true gift. 

In January while working a night shift, I got the call that he had been born, 3 weeks early! K called me from the Labor and Delivery department and I heard him crying over the phone! I raced home at 1:00 in the morning and we booked plane tickets for the next day. The next two weeks we spent in Arizona, bonding with our son and with his birth mother. They were intensely emotional but also really full of gratitude for him, our newest miracle.

In the adoption process, it is really easy to forget that all this hard work- the paperwork, the heartache, the questions - can end with an amazing child in your arms. Shepherd was worth it all! We are so grateful that God placed him in our family!      

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Adoption Story: Adam and Amye

It was a joy walking with Adam and Amy on their journey to their son. When they started with Christian Adoption Consultants, they didn't know what was in store. After the struggles, the waiting, the praying, today Amye shares what it's like to look back on their journey.

“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming.” Romans 8:18 

From our first failed round of IVF to our first “not yet,” those were the words I turned to over and over again. While true, those words brought much needed comfort on the most difficult of days, I’d be lying if I said I never struggled with believing them.

After nearly two years of infertility struggles, we had a new found hope in adoption, and were so very excited at the thought of growing our family in this most special of ways. As we approached a year of being “in the wait” and countless “not yets;” however, I began to feel that hope and excitement fade. But, as He always does, in His perfect time, almost nine months exactly (my mom pointed out) from our first time presenting, we got our YES!

I can’t tell you how many times we read in others testimonials or were told to “trust the process” and that “it will all be worth it.”  Well, as cliche as it sounds, we can attest that there is nothing more true! 

When I had the absolute honor to speak with our sons birth mom, she told me “I am so glad the others didn’t choose you, because I know you were meant for me.” And you know what? I am so glad too, because while I didn’t think the day would ever come, I can without a doubt, 100 percent, tell you that we would not change a single thing that led us to this child we are blessed  to call our own.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Adoption Story: Kevin and Hailey (again!)

I had the joy of walking with Kevin and Hailey on their second adoption journey (you can read about their first adoption here). This time they walked through adoption at the height of the pandemic, in the midst of a lockdown. But just like when they adopted their son, when they received "the call," all of the waiting and praying and hoping came together. And this time, not for one baby, but two...

We want to share our adoption story of how the Lord brought the sweetest blessing of twins to our family. They bring so much joy that we call them our double rainbow in the storm of Covid. We hope this adoption story brings encouragement to those interested in learning more about adoption and our desire is to give all the glory to our Heavenly Father who loves and cares for each one of us in the adoption triad. I want to be sensitive to the feelings of the birth family because adoption is bittersweet and born out of loss. No one prepares you for the pain and joy that bonds adoptive and birth families together. 

Adoption is a picture of God’s love for his children. We are chosen by him and wanted and given an inheritance. The adoption process is filled with so many emotions for hopeful adoptive parents…the waiting, hoping, and then finding out that “not yet” answer. We waited almost two years and went through one “failed match” to a little girl we had named “May.” The beauty of this is that we were able to pray for almost fifty expectant moms. Wow! Susan, with Christian Adoption Consultants, was such a help and encouragement every step of the way. It was overwhelming, and completely out of our control, which is a good place to be, where the only place to go is to God in prayer. As we continued to wait, Kevin and I decided to try foster care. I knew in my heart that we should wait and not try to control the situation and run ahead of God but I plowed ahead anyway. There were children in foster care that needed homes and I thought that would be a faster route. But I knew God was telling us to wait. After two foster care classes, God made it clear that we needed to stop. I gave up on adoption also and basically stopped the process and began to seek feeling content with where God had us and to focus on raising our five year old son and loving the family right in front of me. I love this verse from Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

Enter COVID-19 and the 14 day shutdown… As everyone was experiencing a new unknown, Kevin, began working from home and the best place to set up his office was in the former nursery. He had a great view out of the window as all the neighbors began walking around the block since you couldn’t go anywhere, and he had a great view of the crib. He began praying that God would answer our desire to adopt. The next day we had an email from our agency looking for a family to adopt a four week old baby girl and Kevin thought we should find out more. The world seemed to be shutting down and maybe we would be that family for this baby girl. But no, they had already found the perfect family for her, but they were trying to find a family for twins due sometime in April. They weren’t exactly sure of many details but I told the social worker that I thought we would be interested. The next day, I was letting my son ride his bike in the parking lot with his cousins (because we were all social distancing and if they were on bikes the kids couldn’t get too close), when my phone rang and it was the social worker calling to let me know that they would love to “match” us with the twins if we wanted to move forward. The babies were due in five days!!! Jaw drop! And the shocker! In New Orleans! WHAT?! You want us to go into the hotspot of Coronavirus? We hadn’t even let our son go play at his grandparents house yet, but that was all about to change. God gave strength and courage I did not have on my own. That night, at a Wednesday evening prayer service on zoom, we asked our church to pray for us as we began to prepare for a quick adoption, not knowing if the birth family might change their minds at the last minute. God was giving peace to our hearts and leading us to take steps forward in this adoption situation.     

The next four days flew by as we were doing additional paperwork, finding car seats, cribs, basinets, rock and plays, girl clothes, and diapers. Friends, and even strangers, were dropping off girl clothes, sheets, blankets, and baby basinets at our front door. Boy, the Lord provided every detail, and fast! 

Every time the agency would call, I automatically thought the expectant mom had changed her mind, but they would reassure me that everything was good and we should be ready to come and meet the expectant family on Sunday for lunch. Since this is the beginning of COVID-19, there were no restaurants open and parks had been closed. We met in the parking lot of a movie theater and in that huge concrete lot was a perfect shade tree for us to set five lawn chairs out for our first visit to meet the expectant family. What a sweet provision from the Lord. 

The Lord blessed the birth mom with a healthy delivery and recovery. Our time together in the hospital with the birth family was sweet and emotional. The baby nursery was closed due to COVID and the twins were brought to my room for me to care for them on my own. I felt on my own I wasn’t able to handle feeding, swaddling, diaper changing, and loving on two newborn babies but the Lord gives strength and answered the prayer that my husband, Kevin, could be in the hospital with me. We were discharged after 48 hours and said our emotional goodbyes to the birth family. God provided opportunity to share the gospel and to love on them through handwritten letters, texts, small gifts, and meals delivered to their room. Papers were signed and we were so thankful to make it home safely and healthy. Our extended family came and waved through the window to meet the twins for the first time.  

We finalized their adoption on November 30, 2020 with a limited amount of family due to COVID restrictions, but so thankful they could be with us to witness the testimony of the love we have for the twins and their birth family. We celebrated the twins first birthday at our home filled with family! We invited their birth great grandmother who we adore and have remained in communication with. It was a joy to watch her enjoy the babies and hear more stories of their family traditions. 

From the moment they were placed in our arms we have loved them with all our hearts. God has been faithful to us through the wait, hard times, emotional journey, and navigating relationships and we praise His name for the blessing of all three of our sweet children brought to us through the gift of adoption. 

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