Why Hire An Adoption Consultant?

A lot of people ask what I do. I do a few things. I work as a birth parent counselor, an adoption social worker, and an adoption consultant. When I get to that last job title, I often get sweet smiles mixed with blank stares. Because it sounds good but has people wondering, "uh, so what is that exactly."
This is sweet little Zola (her parents consulted with me)

When families start on an adoption journey, it often takes a lot to get to the decision to adopt and have the couple finally be on the same page. But that's just the beginning.  There's actually dozens of decisions ahead. Who will do our home study? How do we find an ethical attorney? How do we raise all this money? How do we find an agency that will care well for our birth family? Open or closed adoption? What race are we open to? What about special needs?

Creed's family began consulting in October and brought him home in January!

As the questions keep coming, everyone inevitably turns to google. And you can imagine where this might lead you. You could find an amazing agency, or just one who spends all of the adoptive family's money on some fantastic marketing (rather than good, quality care for both the adoptive and birth family).

So, in an effort to help families navigate what can be a very overwhelming, time consuming, and costly process, I work as a sort of "adoption coach" to help families adopt.

Steve and Maria with their sweet little guy, Asher

Consulting offers:
  • Shorter wait time - adopting through a consultant can take as little as six to ten months.
  • Referrals to multiple agencies in adoption friendly states - agencies that provide quality services and are trustworthy  More on this approach here.
  • Financial advice - knowing the resources available to an adoptive couple will help them make sound, wise financial decisions and save time and money.
  • Education and guidance for your adoption - I work with families personally and give them a step by step reference manual that guides them from their first questions about adoption until their adoption is finalized.
  • Higher level of protection and security from adoption fraud - I can advise couples on the warning signs and help them find the right agency and adoption situation for their family.

    Scott gave Elizabeth a consulting package for Christmas.
    Abraham joined their family in June.

I have the privilege of working with families across the country and helping them grow their family through adoption. These pictures are just a glimpse of what I get to share in.

To hear from families who have built their family with the help of Christian Adoption Consultants, see their stories:

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You can check out more on consulting at Christian Adoption Consultants or email me. Feel free to connect with me by email and we'll set up a time to chat over the phone (or if you're in KC, I'd love to grab a coffee with you). I would love to see if consulting would be a good fit for your family.

*Thanks to my sweet clients who shared pictures of their families with me.  

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