Monday, December 1, 2014

Announcing Your Adoption

Much like other couples announcing their pregnancy, some couples in the process of adopting are eager to tell friends and family that they're "paper pregnant." Although when to decide to tell others is different for every family, announcing a growing family can be an exciting and fun way to include others in the journey.

Here's a compilation of some of my families announcing their adoption plans! (For more on each family's adoption story, simply click their names for the link!)

This is how Alex and Amy shared the start of their adventure to find their baby.

Andy and Mimi announced their adventure and a way family and friends can follow their journey.

Chris and Christy used Bananagram tiles!

Chris and Shelley enlisted the help of their favorite cupcakery 
(who later also assisted in celebrating their daughter's homecoming!)

Dietrich and Christy made this their Facebook banner picture to let friends and family in on their plans.

Gray and Leigh enlisted the help of their son, Angesom, who was thrilled to become a big brother!

Jarrod and Amanda had a photo shoot and created a video (found here).

Jimmy and Leah announced the start of their adventure this way.

Joe and Jess mailed these creative "Mad Gab" game cards to their friends and family with a note to call when they figured out the secret message ("Joe and Jess Are Adopting a Baby).

Paul and Katie sent this special package to soon-to-be grandparents.

Steve and Kate got their eager big sisters, Megan and Faith, involved. 

Tony and Natalie also got the whole family involved (and even their stack of paperwork to be completed!) 

Troy and Nicole had help from their dogs...

Tyler and Miki made their announcement paired with school spirit! 

For more creative ideas to announce your adoption, check out part 2!

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