Friday, December 12, 2014

Adoption Story: Joe and Jessica

Joe and Jessica talked about having children from the moment they met and were eager to become parents. They dreamed about teaching their kids, watching them grow, and giving them unconditional love and support. After struggling to have a family, Joe and Jessica decided adoption would be the best way to grow their family.  

Their first step was connecting with other families built through adoption. In their area, there have been quite a few families who have adopted with the help of Christian Adoption Consultants. This group that keeps growing gets together for barbecues, adoption education, and have created quite a community of support and friendship. 

Joe and Jessica began working with me at the end of March and by the end of May they were prepared to take in a little one with their home study ready. Just over two months later, they were matched with a birth mother, due just before Christmas. Joe and Jessica looked forward to a holiday season becoming a family of three.

But then the unexpected happened, their match failed in October and suddenly the upcoming Christmas season was filled with loss rather than celebration. One of their biggest fears in their adoption was realized. They turned to their family and friends and other CAC families for support and braced themselves for another holiday season with empty arms.

Just eleven days later, Joe and Jessica got the call that would change everything. A little boy was born that needed a family. A little boy was waiting for them. Joe and Jessica caught the first flight they could to go and meet an amazing birth mother and the sweet little one that would be their son.

Looking back, we know that Joe and Jessica would have never heard about their son had they not gone through the failed match. We know that God took what we thought was a huge loss and misstep and turned it into the beautiful story he was writing. We know that this boy was meant to be with Joe and Jessica forever.

What a difference two weeks made in the life of this family. 

Joe and Jessica thought they were anticipating becoming a family just in time for Christmas. But God made sure their son was home for Thanksgiving.

And I'm sure when Joe and Jessica tell their son's story in the twinkle of Christmas lights for years to come, they will tell a story of heartache and loss. And a story of beautiful surprises and gratefulness. And I'm sure they will say that they wouldn't have it any other way.

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