Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Adoption Story: Jimmy and Leah

Jimmy and Leah knew from the beginning that they wanted children, and they also knew God was calling them to adoption. They started with Christian Adoption Consultants in late February. While they dove into the home study process, I worked to create their profile. By the end of May, they were home study ready and eager for their profile to be shown to birth families.

They were shown to a handful of birth families and each time, for whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be. But the whole time, God was saving this family for one very special little boy.

Late last month, I sent Leah a possibility. A little boy, two and a half, in need of a family. His birth parents were unable to care for him and were making the difficult and courageous decision to make an adoption plan for him. They wanted him to have a life they couldn't provide for him and desired a family who could provide him with an abundance of love, time, and attention.

And Leah knew. Somehow she knew that he was meant to be in their home. That the love, time, and attention they felt they had were meant for for him.

Her heart was immediately stirred for this little guy in need of a forever family. And amazingly, Jimmy felt the same way.

They heard about this little boy on a Friday. And one week later, they were chosen to be his parents. And days later, they were on a plane to meet him. And just days after that?  

This sweet family of three were on the beach creating new memories together. The first of a lifetime of memories they'll make together...

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