Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Enjoy Today, Mama

It’s been more than insanity around here. Crazy town I call it.

So this week on the blog is catch up week.

In the midst of the chaos, the kids went back to school and I caught my breath again at how fast all of this is going.

Their childhood. Their growing up on me. Their grades and their shoe size.

They keep getting bigger and time keeps passing.

As they ran ahead of me into school when I dropped them off or the first day of second and third grade, I noticed their backpacks weren’t quite as massive on their bodies as I remembered. They looked bigger sitting at their desks. And they were more eager to begin their work and say goodbye.

Walking out of the school, I was reminded of Jen Hatmaker’s thoughts about our children growing up:

You will never have this day with your children again.
Tomorrow, they’ll be a little older than they were today.
This day is a gift.
Breathe and notice.
Smell and touch them; study their faces and little feet and pay attention.
Relish the charms of the present.
Enjoy today, mama.
It will be over before you know it.

So I breathed deep, tried to etch memories in my mind and heart to hold onto, and looked forward to hearing about the playground, the homework, and the friendships over snacks after school later that day.

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful words of wisdom for all of us!!! Especially, "this day is a gift.
    Breathe and notice."


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