Friday, September 26, 2014

Adoption Story: Paul and Katie

For some couples, adoption can be the only choice to become parents. Understandably, many go through the heartache of infertility and infertility treatments before coming to adoption as a way to grow their family. But for Paul and Katie, it was always their first choice. 

Paul and Katie started with Christian Adoption Consultants in January this year. Katie shared then, Adoption has been the “Plan A” approach for us even before we married!  This isn’t a second option for us; it’s one we had in mind from the start. We’ve been deliberate about adoption being the only option from day one and we’re excited about the prospect of our dreams coming true.  

By mid-March they had completed their home study, and just a month later, matched with a birth family. Over the spring and summer, Paul and Katie built a relationship with the expectant parents; swapping phone calls and even a weekend visit.  

While they were waiting for their sweet baby to arrive, Paul and Katie were diligent in making the most of their time. They read and researched. They prayed and prepared. They did all they could to plan for their little one, the adoption process, and the arrival of their daughter.

And then, at the beginning of September, all the praying and preparing came to fruition with the birth of their beautiful daughter. 

For Paul and Katie, adoption wasn't God's second best for their family. It was His perfect plan all along. They prayed and God powerfully answered.

Do you notice the scripture their daughter is is laying on? 1 Samuel 1:27: I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted what I asked of him.

Can you tell this little girl has a talented photographer as a mommy? Visit Katie James Photography for more of her amazing work.

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