Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adoption Story: Brad and Lacey

Brad and Lacey had two boys but their family didn't quite feel complete. God had been speaking to both of them about adopting and led them to open their hearts and home to a baby. Brad and Lacey started with Christian Adoption Consultants at the beginning of the year. Within a few months they had completed their home study and I had created their profile. And the adventure had begun, not just for Brad and Lacey, but also for these brothers preparing for a baby sister. 

And then the wait began. But the waiting for this family was anything but passive. While they waited they prepared a nursery for their little one. They prepared their sons to be big brothers. They prayed. And they hoped for the day they would bring another one home and their family would be complete.

Two months later they got the call they had been waiting for. An expectant mother had chosen them and their two boys to be her daughter's forever family. And just last week this precious girl came home to the entire family. Their oldest son cried when he held his baby sister for the first time.

Brad and Lacey's is a beautiful story of how God calls not just a mommy and a daddy, but older siblings to adoption. Congrats to Brad, Lacey, and proud big brothers Gabe and Canaan. I'm so thankful you pursued your daughter through adoption to complete your family.

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