Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Adoption Story: David and Sarah

David and Sarah's dream of becoming parents had come true through the miracle of adoption once already. Their sweet son, Jadon, joined their family two years ago and they knew they were ready to keep adding to the miracle.

David and Sarah have been blessed to be in a family and community that not only celebrates adoption, but embraces it wholeheartedly. So when they embarked on this journey a second time, they had a lot of emotional and practical help behind them.

I watched as this family waited for what they were confident God had called them to. Their wait was a long one. Not because there wasn't movement, or because there wasn't opportunities, but because they were waiting for God's hand to move specifically in their family. Not waiting for the "perfect" scenario to play out; but waiting on the perfect fit for their family. The baby God was calling them to.

The entire way, David and Sarah held fast to God. Confident not that it would be an easy road but steadfast in knowing God had been faithful to them before and would be faithful again.

And just a few weeks ago, their second little miracle was born.

This precious little guy was born to two parents who had waited and prayed for him.

And to an older big brother, who is only beginning to understand what a miracle their family of four is.

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