Thursday, October 16, 2014

Adoption Story: Mitch and Jenn

Mitch and Jen look back on their adoption story and call it a faith journey. And it was a journey that when they started, they honestly had no idea what they were getting into. They could have never anticipated the unexpected delays, the ache of the wait, and the emotions of being presented to numerous birth families.

But they could have never anticipated the blessings.

Here's a glimpse into their hearts as they began this journey. This is taken from their profile book they wrote for their birth mother to read as she was choosing an adoptive family:

We do not know your story or the circumstances that have brought you to this time and to this moment as you read about us. Even though we do not know much about one another, there are some things we do know. We do know that you are being noble.  We know the path you have chosen is not a simple one; it is full of emotion, concern, and love for a little life. We do know you are creating a new path, the beginning of new story for your little one.  It is our greatest desire that you know that we will love this baby with all the love we possess, and that we will communicate how much YOU loved them from the start and how much you continue to love. We are excited to be a part of this new life. Despite not knowing each other’s stories until now, together we will get to share in this new story! 
To be quite honest, we feel like two of the luckiest people in the world. Already, the Lord has blessed us with good health, a fantastic family, wonderful healthy kids, great friends and financial stability. We know that all of these things are gifts. We see them as such and ourselves as the stewards of them. We don’t feel like our family is complete with the five of us. When faced with how to add to our family, we are most excited about the path which involves adoption. The idea of supporting a mom who must make the heart wrenching decision to entrust her child to another family is one that we take very seriously, and desire to be a part of in a way that brings peace to her and ultimately bless her child in ways beyond her wildest imagination through our love, care and journey of life. We view adoption as the perfect way to both add to our family, and share some of the wonderful things the Lord has given us. We can’t wait to welcome a little boy or girl to our household to love, protect, and pour out our lives into, just the same as those biologically born to us.  

A birth mother read those words just last month. And suddenly all of the months before made sense...

When Mitch and Jenn began the process, they had specific plans and timing in mind. With everything prepared, Jenn thought the summer would be the perfect time to welcome a little one into their family. They were presented time and again to birth families and not chosen. Their timing seemed to be off and discouragement set in. But Mitch and Jenn knew God had called them to adoption and were confident in God's plan, even though it didn't seem to be aligning with theirs.

Then they heard about a situation that seemed to be more than they could handle. But something about this expectant mother stood out to them and their hearts were drawn to her and her little one. Though a series of events only God could orchestrate and much prayer, they were presented to her. She read Mitch and Jenn's heart for adoption and family and chose them to raise her daughter.

Just over a week ago, this little one joined their family. And it only took a moment for their entire story to make sense. The waiting, the times they weren't chosen, the countless hours of fervent prayers...all were wrapped up in this precious bundle. Their daughter was meant to be in their family from the beginning. 

God knew all along that all of the "no's" they had heard were really a resounding "yes" for this girl to be theirs.

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  1. Another beautiful story, or rather, a faith journey. The roller coaster ride of emotions, from the downs of the long wait to the pure bliss of meeting their child for the first time. I treasure reading such beautiful things, probably becuase I've been through simillar experiences, and having witnessed some others. Thank you so much for sharing all of them! I wish everyone all the happiness this season may bring!

    Carlos Strey @ The Bridge Across


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