Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Congratulations Jake and Ashley

Sometimes miracles happen what seem like almost overnight. Jake and Ashley began their adoption journey with Christian Adoption Consultants in May and began their home study process. Due to some unique circumstances and ultimately God's provision, they were matched with an expectant mama in August, before their home study was even complete. And before they knew it, just eight days later, they were in the delivery room when their son was born.

But the reality is, miracles never really happen overnight. God had been preparing these parents long before May for their son to join their family. To open their hearts to adoption. To prepare their home for an unexpected way to grow their family. He was paving the way this whole time for the miracle to unfold.

Jake and Ashley sat poised for the miracle they believed in, hoped for, and trusted God to do.

God took what the world calls a "one in a million" chance to become parents and created a family of three.

God took years of grief and overturned it all in a moment.

God took one couples' "yes" and turned it into a lifetime of memories for a family.

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