Friday, August 29, 2014

Congratulations Tom and Erica

It is such a joy to celebrate this sweet little girl's birth with this amazing family.

Tom and Erica have had a long journey to their daughter. Along the way, they have endured incredible hardship and loss. When they called me last February, they made it clear this was their last ditch effort to adding to their family. They told me their story and I was immediately amazed at their courage and determination.

At that point they didn't know how, or when, but they knew God was calling them to take a risk and continue on their journey.

My respect for their faith grew as I walked with them closely down the road that eventually led them to their daughter. Four months after starting with Christian Adoption Consultants, they were matched with a birth family. And the next two months I watched as they built a relationship; sacrificially loving and serving them. Erica told me multiple times that she felt called to extend Christ's unconditional love to this couple, and I was amazed watching her do it so well.

Last week their beautiful daughter was born. Welcomed by two doting older brothers and her incredible parents. 

Tom and Erica took the risk. They loved well. They clung to hope.

And this precious bundle makes them a family of five.

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