Monday, August 25, 2014

Congratulations Clair and Dawn

This past week has been a bit of a baby boom around here, and this sweet girl is right at the front end (stick with me the next few days and you'll meet more little additions to the CAC family!)

Clair and Dawn started with Christian Adoption Consultants in February. After having two biological children, they were blessed to adopt their sons through foster care. With their experience with their sons, their decision to adopt again was solidified and Clair and Dawn decided to continue to add to their family through infant adoption this time.

Just three and a half months later, they were matched with expectant parents. The one thing the couple was looking for that was non-negotiable was a family who were strong Christians and lived out their faith: Clair and Dawn were the perfect fit.

Over the next few months the two couples developed a close relationship, sharing phone calls and meeting each other face to face, even attending church together. They were able to develop a sweet friendship before their daughter entered the world last week. 

This little one is welcomed into an incredible family and four older siblings who will undoubtably love her unconditionally. Her birth parents will continually honored in their home. And the legacy they leave for their now five children to trust in a God who creates families.

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