Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Congratulations Marlin and Rosie

Marlin and Rosie know what it takes to fight for a family. They know about perseverance and persistence. And I was blessed to watch them walk it out with a grace and faith that was inspiring.

Marlin and Rosie have long had a passion for little ones and were eager to become parents. But when they began the journey towards creating a family, they had no idea the obstacles they would face. 

I remember my first call with Rosie; they had already been through so much by the time they had heard about Christian Adoption Consultants, she was weary. They were doubtful. But they still had hope.

That was last October. And since then they continued a long and hard road. I was honored to watch as Marlin and Rosie fought for what they knew God had called them to. Through it all they never gave up, never doubted their path, and always trusted in the God they believed would answer their prayers.

God called them to adoption. And because of His faithfulness and their perseverance, this little guy joined their family earlier this month.

And if you ask Rosie if all the waiting and heartache and struggle was worth it? 

She'll tell you it was worth it a million times over for their son.

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