Monday, August 18, 2014

I Work With Rockstars

Last week Christian Adoption Consultants' directors were in town and the Kansas City clan of CAC all gathered together. We spent hours dreaming, praying, and working together to better serve our adoptive families. 

Malcolm, Randy, Angela, Susan, Katie, Tracie, and Amy

Malcolm and Amy, after adopting their first daughter, launched Christian Adoption Consultants with a desire to help other families adopt with a Christ-centered approach. Since starting CAC in 2005, they adopted two other children domestically and are in the process of adopting from Ecuador.

Randy and I have history together at Hannah's Dream. And he and his wife Kelsey also have adoption woven through the fabric of their family with four biological children and five adopted, all with the help of CAC. Randy is an author, speaker, and blogger and works as CAC's marketing director.

Angela and I also worked together at Hannah's Dream. Angela has an amazing perspective on adoption as an adoptee, a birth mother, and an adoptive mama. She's heading up our International Adoption Program launching soon.

Katie joined our team after brining home her youngest through CAC.  Katie and her family have a passion to see the church care for children and embrace adoption and has a special gift of encouraging families on their journey.

Tracie taught me the ropes of being an Adoption Consultant. She and John have three biological kids and have adopted four more (two domestically and two from the Ukraine).  They have an incredible heartbeat for children and especially for finding those with special needs special homes.

Just today I had a chance to finally meet Dawn and Jason, our husband and wife consultant team out of Florida. The KC CAC clan met up with them on their way home from a road trip vacation.  We gathered with them and their nine adopted kiddos at a local park and had a blast. Between all of us we had 21 kids running through the park together.

Randy, Susan, Tracie, Angela, Jason, and Dawn

And that's just a handful of our team (and our kids)! You can read more here about others at Christian Adoption Consultants that God has knit together through their own adoption stories to serve others in theirs.

Only half of all the kiddos today...

These are the people I am blessed to work with. Each one is incredibly gifted and talented. But more than that, they share a passion for adoption, a passion for people, and a passion for God's call to care for the orphan. They are willing to step into the hard places; the bittersweetness of adoption and not just walk alongside families, but live it with them.

Want a glimpse into my work week the last few days?
  • Five families were chosen by expectant parents to raise their little ones,
  • Two families traveled to meet their expectant mamas for the first time,
  • Three babies were born into their forever families,
  • And swapping dozens of stories with the rest of the team that shares a heart for families and adoption

Euguene Peterson, in his book Leap Over a Wall, describes work this way: "Our work is derivative from God the worker...Work is the primary context for our spirituality...The spiritual life begins - seriously begins - when we get a job and go to work. Work is our Spirit-annointed participation in God's work."  

It's amazing to be a part of a team whose heartbeat is to equip families to live out their call to adoption and participate in God's work. We often say amongst each other, "We don't have to do this, we get to do this!"


  1. In the short amount of time ive been learning and reading about adoption, i realize it really is bittersweet. Its so beautiful and encouraging to know there is such a great group of people who love Jesus, working to help good come from tough situations.

  2. AMEN!!! LOVED getting to meet some of my wonderful co- workers!!!! :) What a blessing to work with Rock Stars!


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