Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Congratulations Josh and Erika

Adoption sparks a revolution.

Josh and Erika called me just four months ago. They had watched their dear friends, Chris and Shelley, go through the adoption process of adopting their daughter Olivia with me last summer and they wanted in.

The time between these two pictures? (Meeting Olivia and meeting their son?) Just five months.

What I love about their adoption story is how these two families partnered together. Chris and Shelley paid it forward by sitting down with Josh and Erika to talk about the adoption process, cheered them on, bought them one of their first baby gifts when they were matched, and even helped with a huge fundraiser (the homemade salsa was a huge hit!) 

Over the weekend, this sweet boy was born. They spent the weekend sharing sacred moments with his birth mother and grandmother, in awe that a boy they hadn't met just 24 hours earlier now totally had their hearts.

For now, they are waiting to get the clearance to head home with their new little guy. And I know one family who will be more than thrilled to meet him.

But more than just Chris, Shelley, and Olivia. This little one has an entire community of friends and family to embrace him. Josh and Erika will introduce their son to grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends who have loved him before even meeting him, since he was born in Josh and Erika's hearts. You better believe I'm going to post some follow up pics of this story...

I'm sure this little guy, just like his friend Olivia, will touch some other lives and ignite the spark. The hope that adoption is how to grow their family. The dream that it could someday be a reality...

And the revolution will continue...

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