Monday, December 8, 2014

Adoption Story: Will and Megan

If you want a good love story, Will and Megan and how they fell in love with their daughter is a good one. But it turned out to be even more than that...

It started on Valentine's Day this year when they began working with me at Christian Adoption Consultants. After years of wanting to create a family and lots of dead ends, adoption seemed to be the perfect fit. Adoption was already woven into their story and seemed to be a natural next step. Their home study was done in May and six weeks later they were matched with a beautiful expectant mother.

They always knew the woman who would have their baby would be a brave and courageous woman. But they had no idea how much they would admire and grow to love her as well as their baby.

Over the next few months, as Will and Megan were awaiting the arrival of their baby, they were able to develop a relationship with their expectant mother. They called, texted, and visited with her, even attending a prenatal appointment.

And then, early one morning they got the call. Their expectant mother was in labor and they caught the earliest flight they could, desperately hoping they could make it for the birth. But when the earliest flight wasn't until late morning and included a layover, they just prayed their arrival wouldn't be too long after their daughter's birth. 

While Will and Megan were getting off of the very last seats on the plane and gathering their suitcases (which were the very last on the carousel), their birth mother was waiting for them. She was ready to push; the baby was ready to come and the doctors were all coaching her to push. But she insisted on waiting for Will and Megan to be their when their daughter was born.

When Will and Megan finally arrived, they were amazed to see a team of people, all waiting for them to welcome their daughter into the world. They had the amazing opportunity to share the miracle of their daughter's birth with her strong birth mother. And in those moments, all three of them became parents to a beautiful baby girl.

That night, before Megan was finally able to drift off to sleep after the incredible events of the day that made her a mother, she shared that she was praising and thanking God over and over.

When Will and Megan started out on their journey to adopt, they were sure they would fall in love with their baby. But who knew they would also learn to love a woman who so selflessly gave them such an incredible gift? 

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