Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adoption Story: Nick and Michelle

When it comes to becoming parents overnight so to speak, Nick and Michelle are now considered experts. Two years ago they decided to work with Christian Adoption Consultants and I met with them in a coffee shop the morning their home study had been finalized. I told them about an expectant mother who needed an adoptive family and just days later they were matched. A few months later they met their son.

Almost exactly two years later, Nick and Michelle decided they were ready to adopt again. I had been waiting for that call and was thrilled to work with them to help them bring another little one home.

And again, even before their home study was complete, they heard of expectant parents who were looking for the perfect adoptive family for their son. Several weeks later, Nick and Michelle were matched and making preparations to welcome another little one.

And again, there was a flurry of activity to prepare.  Their sweet son was born and made them a family of four. 

Another son.

Another miracle.

Another answer to prayer.

When Nick and Michelle think back to several years ago, this was definitely not how they envisioned their journey to parenthood or their family portrait. But God knew exactly what would lead to these perfect moments when he knit these two boys into their family.

Michelle shared with me just yesterday, "We are in awe of how blessed we are. God definitely knew what he was doing with our lives and we just had to listen..."

Beautiful family photos by Fantasma Imagery.  

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