Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Cuteness

I'll be honest, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. But one of the things I love is watching my social media explode watching my adoptive families celebrate fall and dress up their sweet littles. Over the past couple of days the private group I have for my families has been exploding with dozens and dozens of adorable princesses, butterflies, lions, and some of the most creative costumes I've seen!

This is truly becoming an annual post but who ever tires of beautiful babies all dressed up? Last night I was like a proud auntie crying at all of the cuteness. Here's a few little pumpkins for you to enjoy!

Eliana (11 months) clearly enjoying her first time at the pumpkin patch

Brendan (17 months) makes a great POTUS and even won his city's costume contest!

Ethan (22 months) enjoying the pumpkin patch

Isaac (15 moths) - clearly the scariest monster out there

Ira (5 months) and brother Sage (10 months) and their little pumkins

Austin: aka Alfalfa (2 years)

Sawyer (22 months): a hunter with his mama deer

Ava (11 months) and the sweetest little sheep

Barrett (14 months) - isn't he the most ferocious lion you've seen?!

Christopher (9 months) and his brothers make for some cute Dalmatians!

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