Monday, November 11, 2013

Adoption Story: Chris and Shelley

Over the weekend, Shelley shared her story with Christian Adoption Consultants and our blog and I thought I would share it here as well! Shelley and Chris are former clients of CAC and are the parents of an absolutely darling little girl introduced to you earlier in the blog.  In her own words, Shelley shares her answers to the following questions about their journey:

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Q: How did the Lord lead you to pursue adoption?
Adoption was something we talked about for years when we realized it wouldn’t be easy to have biological children.
But there was always something in the way — an element of fear — that excused us from pursuing it…
“Would we be able to afford it?”
“What about the health of the child?”
“How long will it take?”
It was when friends our ours adopted their son that we really felt a tug at our hearts saying, “Fear not!”
In February, we took the first leap of faith to call Susan at Christian Adoption Consultants.
Six months later, we were holding our baby girl in our arms!

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Q: What was your journey to your child like?
Our journey to our daughter was a whirlwind.
Looking back, it went so fast, though I can tell you that some days were long and rocky.
A few months after signing on with Susan and CAC, we found ourselves presenting to a birth mother in Vegas who gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
She chose another family.
It was tough.
It was just a week later when Susan emailed us about a birth mother in Texas who was set to have her baby the next day.
Susan overnighted our information while we kept our hearts guarded and prayed over this birth mother.
Less than 48-hours later, we were on a flight to meet our daughter and her beautiful birth mother!
We had no bottles, no clothes, no diapers, no bows… but we had each other and the help of our families and CAC to welcome our precious little girl home.

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Q: What has God has taught you about Himself through your adoption journey?
The biggest thing we’ve learned is that God has a plan, and it is perfect in His timing.
When we first held our daughter in our arms, we knew at that very moment she was meant to be ours all along.
Q: What did you appreciate about the help of Christian Adoption Consultants?
We love Susan and Christian Adoption Consultants.
Both will always be a part of our family.
Susan regularly emailed us and always knew how to keep us encouraged along the way.
Her experience of working with birth mothers and countless adoption agencies offered us comfort and hope along the way.
In a journey with so many unknowns, it was reassuring to know we always had her in our corner — a woman constantly praying for us, working with us, to make our dream of a family come true.
Susan’s constant support in the wavering waters of our adoption journey was more than we could have asked for.
We could never thank Susan and CAC enough for all they have done to lead us to our daughter.

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Thank you, Shelley and Chris, for giving Christian Adoption Consultants the joy of sharing in your beautiful adoption journey!

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