Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adoption Story: Chris and Jamie (part 2)

You met Chris and Jamie when they adopted their first son, Jack. When they connected with me about their second adoption, I was more than thrilled to work with them again. The email was titled, "Round 2!" and it was such a joy to see God bring their daughter to them...

Gratitude is what keeps coming in my thoughts as I sit here writing our story of how God has blessed us with two beautiful children through the gift of adoption. His provision, love, and plan for our lives is so much better then we are able to understand. When we got married 7 years ago, adoption wouldn’t have been our first path on how we would grow our family and have children, but we are so grateful that God had a different plan for us. Grateful that two precious women selflessly and lovingly placed their children in our arms and made us parents. Most importantly, grateful that we are able to share with these two precious children the love of Christ and how he adopted us into his forever family! 

We adopted our son Jack in October of 2013 through CAC and knew that we hoped to adopt again when he was a little older. When Jack turned 2 we prayed about starting the process again and both felt a peace about updating our home study and “officially” begin the rollercoaster that adoption is. Although this time around it was different, we were already parents and that took the pressure off of waiting to get matched with a birth mom. On May 19th (Jamie’s birthday), 3 months after our home study and applications to agencies were completed we were “ officially matched” with a beautiful mom who chose us to be her baby girl’s parents. It was the best birthday present Jamie has ever gotten! 


We were blessed to be able to visit our birthmom and attend an ultrasound with her 6 weeks before she was due. It was such a special visit and we will forever cherish the moments we are able to spend sharing our life stories and sharing our hopes and dreams for our children. We both agreed that there is no question to why our lives have come together at this exact moment. We are both so thankful for what each of us are giving the other. She is giving us the greatest gift, a daughter! We are giving her the peace of knowing that her daughter will be loved, nurtured, and will always know how much her first mom loved her! 

Stella is here now, and she is beyond precious!  We are so thankful that God has entrusted us another beautiful life to love. 


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