Monday, November 4, 2013

Congratulations Chris and Jamie

For Chris and Jamie, their adoption journey has been a whirlwind. They began working with Christian Adoption Consultants late this summer. In just over 2 months, they were matched with their sweet birth mama. They welcomed their beautiful son last week. Three months to the day they began working with me this little guy was in their arms.

It's been a joy to work with Chris and Jamie. I've been amazed by their grace, faith in God, and passion they have had in their adoption journey. They have been a picture of a couple called, committed, and changed by adoption. They took the steps necessary, made hard sacrifices, risked their hearts, and are now a beautiful family of 3.

Yesterday, on Orphan Sunday, they held their son in their arms. Because of his birth parents and his adoptive parents bravery, courage, and sacrifice, he is one less who will never be an orphan. 

Congratulations, to all 3 of you...


  1. what a sweet family! thanks for joining my link up at little things + big stuff! we're interested in using CAC in the future :)


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