Monday, November 18, 2013

Congratulations Nik and Megan

Nik and Megan became a family of three last week in a whirlwind that could have only been orchestrated by God himself. As part of the preparation process, we review things like emergency placements or "stork drop" situations and how to prepare for the "fast and furious" type adoptions. Most families tuck the information away, but last Monday, after giving Nik and Megan the news that they had been chosen, that became their road map as they needed to catch the earliest flight and work out dozens of details to meet their son. I'll let Megan fill in the rest of their story...

You know when something happens in your life and there is not an explanation except for God? 

Getting Elijah is at the top of that list. Without God, there is no way we would be holding him in our arms right now.

To start, Nik and I just decided to pursue adoption at the beginning of September. We hired an adoption consultant (Susan at Christian Adoption Consultants) and started working on our home study through a local agency (All Blessings International). This is where the story gets a little nuts…

On Tuesday, November 5, our Home Study was finalized. We sent a digital copy to our consultant (who works with several agencies) and started working on our applications to a handful of domestic agencies. Those applications, though, are still sitting on our dining room table…unfinished.

On Thursday, November 7, we received an email about an urgent situation. A baby boy that had been born the Sunday before (on Orphan Sunday!) was in desperate need of a family. His birth mom, had not made an adoption plan, so this sweet baby boy was just waiting at the hospital for his forever family. On Friday, we decided that we wanted to pursue him. So we sent our Family Profile and waited. The weekend came and went with no word.

On Monday, November 11, we got THE call. He was ours! The agency had sat down with 7 or 8 other profiles and had picked US! We had prayed over the weekend that this boy would go to exactly who he was supposed to. 

We frantically pulled ourselves together. We did not have our financials together, we didn't have all our paperwork completed…we hadn’t even applied to the agency yet! But, we hopped on a plane as fast as we could to meet our boy. Somehow, it all came together. Our family graciously bought our plane tickets. We got a free place to stay (at my SIL’s mom’s house) and one of our pastor’s friends lent us a car. People have donated money and baby supplies. It’s been overwhelming the love and support that we have felt. We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for our community of friends and family.

Elijah is doing amazing. Elijah is a miracle. It just is crazy to me how well he is doing; how perfect he really is.

At this point, we are hoping to head home late this week. We can’t wait to celebrate the most thankful of Thanksgivings ever!

Nic and Megan's story is a beautiful reminder that God's timing is perfect. That He works in the details. That His provision is enough.

Although this little guy was born on Orphan Sunday, his Heavenly Father had already ensured that this precious boy would never be an orphan - not for a moment. He was wanted and loved from the very beginning.

Nik and Megan began the adoption process just two months ago.  But God had been preparing Nik and Megan to be his parents since the beginning of time.

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