Thursday, January 4, 2018

If I Could Say One Thing...About Beginning The Adoption Process

Today begins a new blog series, "If I could say one thing..." 

I asked adoptive and hopeful adoptive families how they would finish this sentence

If I could say one thing about beginning the adoption process...

"Don't let the thought of the money hinder your ability to be obedient. If God has called you to adopt, He will provide the means for you to get there."  - Amanda

It would be to let go of my expectations and fully embrace the journey God put before us.  - Jenni

God’s plan is predetermined. Don’t get discouraged, the wait is hard but worth every tear shed, worry feared and prayer prayed because the gift in the end is worth all of it!  - Breann

Do not fear! If God called you to this journey of adoption, He will see you through all the hurt and the hard parts to unimaginable joy with the little one He intended for you. Keep walking fearlessly in your faith.  - Katie

Trust in God in all ways. Do not fear the financial side, do not be discouraged. Gods timing is perfect.  - Angela

There will be tough times, there will be heart ache, disappointments, and sorrow, but amongst it all will eventually be the child that was meant to be yours, the child chose for you by God, and a love and beauty like you've never known.  - Danielle

To know that things are going to go unexpectedly. But that’s part of the beauty of adoption. It’s a time of fully surrendering to the Lord and relinquishing every bit of assumed control. It’s a time of beautiful growth and learning. Embrace it!  - Mackensie

Don't let all the ways you can adopt and all the path you can go down overwhelm you. Find people who have been on the path and benefit from their experience.  - Lisa

Don't give up on your dreams just because it seems to take longer or look different than you expected.  - Melissa

Be ready and on guard for spiritual attacks. We have an enemy who will do anything to keep orphans from Christian homes. (Though scary, this is the best advice we received)  - Audrey

Get an adoption consultant! (This may sound silly, but it's the first thing I tell anyone who asks me for advice!)  - Katie 

Throw your expectations out... It will never end up the way you think it will.  - Nathan

If you are open to adopting outside your race, set down all your defenses and start researching and listening to adults who were transracially adopted.  - Natalie

Don't let the paperwork overwhelm you and don't let people's negative words sway you from your future family". "Have Faith, God already knows your baby.  - Wendy

Read the Connected Child and learn as much about trauma as possible.  - Brittany

Prepare for God to stretch you, change you and show you love in ways you didn't know possible.  - Caroline

Do it. Taking that first step was the scariest thing.  - Claudia

God hears our prayers, so pray a lot and pray boldly!  - Kayla

It will be stressful and scary, but at the end of the journey you will find the child that God created for your family, and that is the most beautiful gift on earth. Just trust Him and keep on walking in the path he set you on.  - Kim

I promise you will be parents! Maybe not the way you expected or when you expected, but you will be parents ! (For us it was a time that we thought we would ever be parents and someone said this the first few weeks into adoption and it made the world of difference).  - Becca

When adoption comes knocking on your door, you have two choices; open it to see what God has for you on the other side... or, leave it closed. Ask yourself, "five years from now... twenty years from now... fifty years from now... will I be happy with my decision?" Some of the greatest things we have ever been a part of, came from the biggest leaps we were willing to take… and we knew that we would forever wonder what might have happened if we didn’t open the door, take the chance, and leap into the unknown…If you never leap, you will never know what it feels like to fly. ~The Movie, “Leap”  - Amy

Thinking about taking that first step yourself? Feel free to email me! I'd love to send you an info packet and answer any questions you have!

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