Thursday, January 18, 2018

If I Could Say One Thing...About the Cost of Adoption

Hands down the biggest concern most families have about adoption is the cost. I've written more about that here, but today adoptive families are sharing how they would finish this sentence

If I could say one thing about the cost of adoption...

It feels overwhelming the entire journey but God will provide! It is SOOOO worth it, the moment you hold that sweet little babe of yours.  - Katie

It’s worth every penny. God provides! - Mackensie

Overwhelming at times, but keep the faith and know that God provides as others said. Beyond that, we had peace of mind knowing our EM was getting proper care and even yet today 14 months after the birth of our precious son...she still had a resource of counseling and I know she has kept in contact with them. It feels good to know she is well taken care of.  - Angela

God uses this further His kingdom. On both our adoptions, I loved to see how God brought people to us, when we humbled ourselves to ask, to fundraise in amazing ways. It’s what stopped us for years to start the process and in the end it was not even a factor, just an absolute blessing.  - Jenny

To me, as a hopeful adoptive parent, the cost is the most stressful part. BUT I know every single penny will be worth it.  - Alicia

It will make you mad, discouraged, and worry that you will never have enough BUT luckily God always provides.   - Wendy

It’s to trust Gods timing & all the people around you that He works through.  - Jenni

Good financial management, budgeting, and consistent reminders of what you're working toward makes the financial undertaking more manageable. Set small savings goals - your resources will accumulate faster than you think. And you'll be surprised at the things you can do without when you compare it to what you're waiting for!  - Katie

Praaaaaaaaay! And put in a little elbow grease with asking, fundraising, etc. The Lord is so, so, so faithful to provide.  - Sarah

God will provide. He won't call you to adopt without providing financially. HE is good!  - Caroline

It's worth it. People I thought I could count on for help didn't come through and people who gave the most surprised me. It's a wild ride and I thought I had a plan but, God had a different one!  - Sarah

Though it may seem like a large number, don't be discouraged. There are many resources and generous people that will help. It will be well worth any amount.  - Nathan

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  1. I’ll add my sort of #keepingitreal thought... I think psychologically it sometimes feels a little like “buying” a child. I know it’s not the same, but feelings are feelings and a struggle to combat. The idea of “how can we afford to do this more than once? Do we need to give up the dream of having more than one child too?” is also a very real and difficult feeling to overcome. God is good, and He will provide.

    The hymn, “I need Thee ev’ry hour” calms my soul. Faith isn’t easy, and it’s a daily re-commitment.

    May God grant us all that peace that passes understanding!

    1. Yes yes yes! It makes such a difference to walk this road with God and His faithfulness and provision. Not sure if you saw some of my thoughts on the high costs of adoption ( So thankful that God does make a way for what He has called us to! Thanks for sharing!


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