Thursday, August 15, 2013


This morning they started 1st and 2nd grade. This year they seem BIG. Kindergarten is no more. I have kids in grade school now. Big kids with the bigger size backpacks, bigger sized jumpers and polos, and bigger shoes.

Yesterday at Meet Your Teacher almost all the school staff commented at how much they'd grown; the obligatory welcome-back-to-school phrase spoken by all teachers everywhere. Although the first time I throw them back into pants in the fall I know it's true, but there I times I don't want it to be. Yearbooks were on their desks from last year with pictures they had already far outgrown.

Last night I read them this post (edited a bit for them) and fought back tears. As they get bigger they face new challenges and new brokenness in this world that as a mama I can't shield them from much longer. I want them to be brave and big and courageous and compassionate. I want them to have big hearts that match their Heavenly Father's.

And this morning I took this picture that's become a tradition in our family. They look so small in this picture in front of school. But they were bigger than last year.

I'm thankful I serve a God that's bigger too.

Bigger than my fears that my babies will grow into big kids before I'm ready.

Bigger than the broken world I send them into.

A God with even bigger dreams for them than I have ever dreamed.

This year, I pray my kids will increase their faith, their compassion for others grows, and their trust in Jesus deepens. 

I guess you can go ahead and get bigger, Isabelle and Jackson...

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