Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adoption Story: Richard and Kimberly

I met Richard and Kimberly over coffee in February. They were in town and had been praying about adoption and if it was the next step on their journey towards parenthood. It took me just moments to see their faith in God, their dedication to each other, and their excitement about what the future held.

Days later they decided to partner with Christian Adoption Consultants and start the adoption process. It was less than two months later their home study was ready and they began the wait to be matched with an expectant mother.

During the next few months of wait, I loved getting updates from Kimberly. I loved the honestly they contained of the ache of the wait. But they were always full of hope, an unswerving trust in God, and acknowledging all of the ways God was working. Kimberly was quick to highlight all of the prayers God was answering while she trusted he was answering prayers behind the scenes as well.

Here's a message I received from Kimberly in the fall...
It's been a hard several weeks for Richard and I and times we've questioned if we were doing the right thing, or heard God right, or if we would ever be matched. Last week was especially hard, I cried, a lot.
Thank you for reminding me that, "God will not let us miss our baby." I don't know why this process happens so quickly for some, and is so hard and difficult for others...only God knows, and I must be okay with that and trust that He is Good, He has a plan, and He sees it all.
We aren't going to give up. No matter how scary it seems at times, or hopeless we might feel. Choosing to lean in to Jesus and trust Him with our future, and with building our family.Yesterday though...out of the blue, we received some fantastic news!!! One of the grants we applied for back in June called us, aanndddd....they are blessing us with a $3,500 grant towards our adoption!!!! I totally cried! It was the "God wink" we so needed, just letting us know that He is still in control and He is still working...even when it doesn't feel or look like it...He is always up to something.
And that's exactly what was happening. Because just weeks later they were matched with an expectant mother. Then, thirteen days later, their daughter was born.

It wasn't until they were home, as a family of three, that a friend pointed out the amazing timing. From the day I met Richard and Kimberly for coffee to the day their daughter was born? Nine months.

Kimberly just wrote me these sweet words the other day... were always so encouraging and reminding me, that even when it got hard, was quiet...and felt like nothing was happening, God was always working. I feel like our story says that. In so many ways God showed Himself faithful to us. He proved over and over that He was working, even when we couldn't see it. Whether it was getting emails or phone calls about the grants, breastmilk from a friend, or...the biggest phone call of all...hearing that we were chosen (complete and wonderful shock and surprise!)...and baby was due in just a few days! God proved that He had a plan, He had purpose, He knew exactly what we needed and that He truly cared about our deepest, sometimes unspoken, cries and desires of our hearts. 

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