Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Adoption Story: Dan and Leanne

One of my joys as an adoption consultant is telling adoption stories. There are dozens of them filling these pages; stories of God setting the lonely in families, stories of His faithfulness, and stories of families coming together. Today LeAnne, an adoptive mama, tells their story...

Our good Lord has blessed our family with many children; all but one of those He called home to Himself after a few short weeks.  

Our journey to adopt has also not been easy.  After a year and a half with a local adoption agency, we began to think that perhaps it was time to heal from all the losses, the grief, and to let go of our hopes and desires for another child.  But then a friend suggested we widen our search beyond our home state, and another friend encouraged us to connect with Susan at Christian Adoption Consultants. Susan connected us to several quality adoption agencies around the country, and through one of them we were chosen to be adoptive parents!  We now look at all of the trials and challenges as the "birth pangs" that came before the amazing gift of our new little daughter.  

Our four year old loves to sing "My cup is full and running over" and she adds verses about our baby.  And when we hold her, when we see her sweet smile light up her face, when we hear our four year old laugh with delight from her core over the gift of her sister...  Indeed, our cup is full and running over!

Beautiful photos by THOR*tography

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