Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adoption Story: Chad and Jennifer

Chad and Jennifer began with Christian Adoption Consultants early last year. It took them several months for their home study to be completed and by early summer they were ready to begin to see possible situations. 

The next few months were full of receiving situations: expectant mothers making adoption plans and looking for an adoptive family. Expectant mothers are never looking for a perfect couple, but they're searching for an adoptive family that's a good fit, the perfect match for them.

That mother found Chad and Jennifer in March. Less than a week later their daughter was born.

Jennifer sent me this: We talked with the birth mother yesterday after placement. She said that she had 13 profiles to choose from and stayed up all night. She said she felt like God told her to pick ours. She said she couldn't explain it but He did. I just started crying, I couldn't believe she said that. I am thankful she shared that. We have loved getting to know the birth mother and was able to spend quite a bit of time with her. God has been with us this whole time. 

It's amazing to watch God bring birth mothers and adoptive families together. He makes a perfect match and knows exactly what He's doing when He creates families. Congrats on your beautiful daughter, Chad and Jennifer!

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