Thursday, May 5, 2016

Adoption Story: Ben and Laura

When Ben and Laura started their journey to grow their family with Christian Adoption Consultants last May, they didn't know what the road would include.

They didn't know that they would be matched in just a few months and experience incredible joy and then just weeks later discover that adoption was never meant to be.

They didn't know the ache they would feel walking through the holidays last year with the nursery still empty when they anticipated celebrating as a family of three.

They didn't know those months after a failed match would feel like years with long days and heavy hearts.

But through the wait, God knew exactly what He was doing.

They didn't know that right around the time of that initial match, a little boy was being conceived that would need a forever family. 

They didn't know that the months they were left wondering if their family would ever expand past the two of them, God was knitting their son together perfectly.

They didn't know on a Tuesday night in March, a little boy was born and the moment they heard of him they knew he was meant to be theirs.

They didn't know that this Mother's Day, they would celebrate as a family of three with full arms and full hearts, and in awe that the entire time, God knew. 

God knew His perfect plan.

God knew this boy was meant to be their son.

And all of the unknowns came together in a beautiful knowing that this was exactly how the story was supposed to be written from the very beginning.

Photo credit to Jenna Leigh Photography

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