Monday, April 3, 2017

Adoption Story: Brandon and Erin

What a joy it was working with Brandon and Erin as they brought their son home through adoption! Although sweet babies are born often into our CAC family, the telling never gets old. Each family has a personal and beautiful way God answered prayers, a brave birth mother who made an adoption plan, and a unique story of their family adding a sweet baby. Today Erin shares their journey from a family of two to three...

It’s finally official! We finalized the adoption of our son, Sam, last week. We are forever a family and it feels so good to rest in this certainty. Although our adoption story began from infertility, we shortly realized that this was God’s plan to grow our family all along. Not knowing where to begin, I searched online and found Susan with Christian Adoption Consultants. I immediately saw her love for adoption and heart for Christ from her blog and contacted her the next day. Susan provided so much guidance throughout the entire adoption process. She was always accessible and answered all of our many questions. Susan was there every step of the way and I enjoyed sharing our adoption journey with her. 

We started the adoption process in January of 2016. By the end of February we had completed our home study and by March we had applied to a few agencies. Next came the wait. Waiting to be matched was such a challenging part of the process. Now looking back, it was during this time that God was working the most. He was always present and with every “no” we received, he was there holding us and preparing our hearts for our baby. God was teaching us patience, trust, and how to surrender all our fears and anxiety to Him. During this time, it reminded me that God is intentional in all his acts, even in his unanswered prayers. It took 8 “no’s” to get a final “yes” and on September 29, 2016 we were matched! 

As we waited for “E’s” due date, one thing that surprised me was that I was the one wanting more openness and communication than she. I wanted to to know more about her and build a relationship. She on the other hand was not comfortable communicating just yet, which we respected of course. 

On December 21, 2016, Samuel was born. We met him and “E” for the first time at the hospital and it was truly a beautiful moment that I will always cherish. We admired “E’s” strength and courage that she had chosen adoption, and felt honored that she had selected us. We had a nesting room at the hospital and loved spending every second bonding with our new baby boy. The next 72 hours were a rollercoaster to say the least, and God was there too. Our prayers were answered and we have loved being a family of three ever since.

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