Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Adoption Story: Blake and Dena

This little family of three is prepping to celebrate a first birthday next week! When Blake and Dena started with Christian Adoption Consultants early last year, I'm sure it was hard to imagine that their son would be born just a few short months later. You can read more of the story and journey to their son below as Dena shares the details...

As we are busy planning a 1st birthday party, we can’t help but to reflect on our son’s adoption story and the pure joy he has brought to our lives this past year.

When we began working with Susan we were in the healing process after a failed adoption. We knew we wanted to move forward with the adoption process but were also very cautious and full of questions for Susan. We would highly recommend Christian Adoption Consultants and Susan, specifically. She was so genuine and helpful and her words of encouragement made our adoption experience very positive.

We signed up with Christian adoption Consultants in February 2017 and started working with Susan right away. With our help, she created our profile book (which was beautiful) and we began applying to adoption agencies.

We started receiving potential situations in March. Each situation we viewed, we would discuss things that worried us, scared us and the things that we liked about the given situation. I feel like we were pretty cautious with things after having experienced a failed adoption just a couple of months prior. We presented our profile four times before presenting to our son’s birth mother. Each time we presented, we prayed for all involved and knew that even if we weren’t chosen, that just meant that another family was a better fit, but mostly, we kept our faith and knew that God had a plan for us.

In late April, we received the adoption situation for our son. It was similar to some of the situations we had chosen not to present to in the past, but for some reason we were drawn to presenting and it just felt “right” to us. We presented our profile and before the expectant mother had a chance to view all of the profiles and choose a family our soon to be little one entered the world the very next day!

We were notified of his birth and patiently (or rather impatiently!) awaited to see if we were the family to be chosen. The following Monday, we received the news that this sweet baby boy would be our son! We were overwhelmed by emotion and were so excited to meet our bundle of joy!

We traveled to Arizona right away and were able to spend the month of May snuggling with our sweet baby boy in the NICU. He was born weighing just 2 pounds 10 ounces, so he had a long NICU journey to grow and get strong enough for us to take him home. We were so blessed to be able to stay with him and spend each day snuggling and bonding with him. Although having a child in the NICU can be a little scary, we continued to pray for health and growth and we were soon able to go home. 

To this day, almost one year later, we still feel that same excitement and joy as the day we met our little bundle. Our son is certain to put smiles on our face every day. We are forever thankful for his birth mama’s strength, for the adoption process, and for many answered prayers.

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