Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Adoption Story: Cary and Crystal

I remember the first time I met with Cary and Crystal. We were sitting across from each other in a Panera and they were excited about starting their adoption journey. Just like other hopeful adoptive parents, they had their share of fears about adoption along with their excitement. Will we ever be chosen? Will our age impact our ability to adopt? Will this ever happen for us?

I was immediately impressed with Cary and Crystal's love for each other and their passion for becoming parents. And through the time they were with Christian Adoption Consultants, I saw over and over how dedicated they were to making it happen. These pictures and their story was an answer to prayers ten years in the making...

Cary and I have had adoption in our hearts for about ten years. After the death of a child, two failed adoptions, and a three year process, our beautiful Juniper Anne came to us in January of 2020.

Cary and I got married later in life, at 40 and 45 (it was a first marriage for us both). Cary had never had any children, and I had a son when I was young, as a single mom. We tried to conceive early in our marriage, but were unable at that point. We knew we wanted a child, and we knew adoption was for us. Just a year after we married, my son tragically and suddenly passed away. We had to put our adoption dream on hold while we grieved this life-altering loss.

Fast forward 10 years, and we are now holding a precious and healthy baby girl. Our hearts are so full... I’m in tears writing this. We may be older parents now, but we are full of love and dreams and passion for this miracle in our arms.

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