Adoption Lactation Counseling Services

Since breastfeeding my babies, I've been passionate about breastfeeding: the bond it creates like no other and the innumerable health benefits if offers. (Not to mention the cost savings and efficiency). In 2007 I became a Certified Lactation Counselor and loved how easily it fit into my job as a social worker. At the time I worked in Michigan at a prenatal clinic for the under-served and had the opportunity to teach women how to breast feed who originally thought it wasn't for them. I also served on Kent County's Breastfeeding Task Force and helped start the "Free to Feed" Campaign. After moving to Kansas City, I continued to work in breastfeeding helping adoptive mothers. I love that two of my passions; adoption and breastfeeding, can intersect through Adoption Lactation Counseling Services.

Most adoptive mothers don't know this is even an option! They assume that this special relationship is not possible to have with their adopted child. I'm thrilled to offer information, counseling, and support services that can make it possible!

Breastfeeding Your Adopted Baby

It is possible to breastfeed your adopted baby! For parents wanting to give their babies the benefits of breast milk and the bonding and unequaled nutrition breast feeding provides, inducing lactation and relactation is possible. Inducing lactation is establishing a milk supply in a woman who has never been pregnant. Relactation is the reestablishment of lactation after a mother has had a cessation of milk supply. The uterus and ovaries are not necessary for induction, only the pituitary gland and breasts are needed. 

The keys to successfully breastfeeding your adopted baby are patience, determination, and support. It will be a full time job to nurse as frequently as possible. The journey is time consuming and challenging, but the rewards of feeding your baby and establishing a special bond are invaluable. 

With breastfeeding your adoptive baby comes unique challenges and hurdles. Adoption Lactation Services can assist with inducing lactation/relactation and the critical support needed to make breastfeeding your adopted baby successful and rewarding.

Adoption Lactation Counseling Services

Services include:
  • Phone conferencing
  • Ongoing support and encouragement
  • Extensive information and resource packet (includes detailed protocol on inducing lactation/relactation)
  • Special advice unique to breastfeeding an adopted child, including:
      • Timing considerations for inducing/relactating
      • Medications and galactagogues
      • Use of feeding tube devices
      • Expressing your milk
      • Discussing your choice to breast feed with the birth family, adoption professionals, and your family and friends

If you would like to find out more about Adoption Lactation Counseling Services, please email me at for more information.

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  1. I was able to induce milk flow by using a breast pump every 3 hours for about a month before my adopted daughter was born. I had breast fed my biological daughter 28 years prior to adopting my daughter


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