Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Fall

Fall has grown to be my favorite season.  I love digging out my sweaters to match the cooler air, drinking hot cider out of over sized mugs, lighting pumpkin spice candles on the stove, and heading to the farm with the family to go on a hayride to pick pumpkins.

Taking the lead from many others in the blogoshere (thanks Therese!), I'm welcoming the new season with my list of "currents" as a snapshot in time.

Location:  My usual office: my dining room table with my laptop and a view of our backyard and trees just beginning to turn.

Watching:  Downton Abbey's third season. Although it doesn't premier in the U.S. till January, I found a way to watch it with the Brits. Anyone else LOVE Maggie Smith?

Eating:  Too much. For real. And the holidays haven't even kicked in.  But my husband is an amazing cook, what can I say?

Drinking: Pumpkin Spice Lattes, what else?

Wanting:  Things to slow down. My kids are growing up WAY too quickly and I have a constant reminder with the way they outgrow their pants (I'm headed online shopping right after this).

Needing:  Grace for this hard season. We're coming up on a year anniversary when things hit the fan and I'm already sensitive to the cold air and anticipating the holidays.

Loving: My new vintage mustard clutch from the West Bottoms last month. It's fantastic AND I got it for only $8 which makes it even more fantastic.

Creating:  Space to be more purposeful about how to care for my heart and those closest to me. I want to intentionally create memories and I'm driven to teach my kids about the things that really matter.

Thinking:  How in the world can I do more of the above?

Wondering:  What God has in store. I've had this feeling that I'm on the brink of something BIG. We shall see...

1 comment:

  1. Big. I can't wait to hear about it. ;) Though I will say, overcoming, healing, and hearing the Lord in this last year IS big.


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