Monday, January 28, 2013

I Went to Church Last Week

Many of you know Richy and Jess and their story. If you don't, you need to. Jess is a mama who guest blogged for me a few months ago.  

Here's their story in a really small nutshell:
Richy and Jess got married YOUNG
Richy and Jess went into ministry 
Richy and Jess started having a family
Jess started blogging all their adventures

Their family is incredible. I had a chance to meet them while doing their adoption for Tristan. I was wrote their home study and walked closely with them through the process since I also worked with their birth mom.  If you know anything about home studies, you know how much I know about the Clarks. After all of that, I can tell you that they are probably some of the most genuine and sincere people I know with a passion for God and their family.

Recently, the Clarks got some tough news. Their oldest son is having severe medical issues. Like any parent, they are doing all they can for him. And last week, friends sent them to California for special prayer. While they were gone, a team of people decided to bless them by redoing their son's room. They created a Facebook page, got a link together for donations, and got the word out.  

And then things exploded. What was going to be a redecorated boys room turned into a massive overhaul of their entire home. The Facebook page had over 1,000 members from across the country giving their time, talents, and resources. People from all over Kansas City came to help out donating thousands of man hours to the project, many who had never even met the family. Within hours of them leaving their kitchen was torn out. Think nothing less than Extreme Home Makeover. New kitchen, new appliances, new furniture, new linens, new floors, new e-ver-ee-thing.

So last week I went to church. I went over to help on the project. I didn't do anything huge. I organized a closet. I hauled over new furniture (during my stint there I was known as the girl with the van). I cleaned.  I don't think I've ever cleaned or organized with such joy or purpose before.  And while I was there, that same joy was on everyone else's faces as well. It was chaos. People painting and installing flooring and organizing the kitchen. Everyone using their own gifts to serve this family and God.  It was beautiful chaos.

Friends, this is what church is all about.  Church goes far beyond the walls of buildings we gather at once a week. It goes beyond brief "how are yous" between pews.  It goes farther than throwing a few bills in the plate. The church meets needs. And in this case, because of hundreds of people's generosity, the church was extravagant. Last week was a vivid picture of how God uses believers to be his hands and feet. How the body of believers can give out of the abundance of what's been given to us.

I want to go to church like this more often.

To see Jess' take on her home makeover and a video of their home, visit this post on her blog. Also, if you want to be a part of blessing this family, there's still time! Visit here for more info.

*I took these pictures from the Facebook page set up for the huge project.  Thanks to the photographers!

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