Monday, February 18, 2013

Congratulations Ronn and Elizabeth

Ronn and Elizabeth are no strangers to adoption. They've grown their family already through three adoptions, both domestically and internationally. When they contacted me in October to help them with number four, they were confident God wasn't through building their family.

It's been a joy to journey with Ronn and Elizabeth and watch their heart for adoption, birth parents, and Jesus as they worked to bring another little one home. Ronn and Elizabeth were home study ready on January 12th. Last Sunday they received a call about a birth mom who needed to choose a family - right away. They prayed, offered their profile, and waited for several days.

What they didn't know is that during that time, the birth mother chose them to raise her sweet baby and asked the nurses to keep their profile near her bed to focus on during labor and delivery.  

Hours later, Ronn and Elizabeth got the call that their son had been born. As they raced to the hospital to meet him, we laughed over the phone at the goodness of God that their son was born just a few miles from their home and that God had perfectly orchestrated the miracles that had brought them to him.

Soren River James was born February 12 - exactly 4 weeks after they were home study ready. He was welcomed by Ronn and Elizabeth and ecstatic older sisters and brother Brielle, Elaina, and Titus. A perfect addition to this family with a heart for adoption and for children. His little life is already a testimony to God's perfect timing and provision.

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