Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheeseburgers on China

Yesterday was a big day for our family. It had been one year since "the thing." That's what we end up calling it since no other name for that kind of ceremony fit.

A year ago after "the thing" we made plans to have our friends (who had become family) join us at Bucca di Beppo for dinner to celebrate. I had encouraged Jamy to make dinner reservations for the group of us. Unbeknownst to me, no reservations were made and when we arrived to the restaurant with our troop, the wait time was way too long. So we disappointingly headed home to get our kids fed and to bed - it had been a long night. Jamy had the kids in another vehicle and I had to stop on the way home to get gas. As I was pumping gas in my dress I had bought for the occasion (the ceremony, not the gas pumping) I was admittedly frustrated at the very anti-climactical (yes - I think I just created a word) way the evening had ended up.

This had been a significant day in our lives and in our journey for the past three months. We had just made vows to each other and our kids. We had just celebrated the goodness of God.  And now plans had been foiled and I was headed home to grab the kids cold pizza and get them to bed.

But when I got home there wasn't cold pizza being reheated. The table was elegantly set with our best china, candles were lit, lights were dimmed, my bouquet from the evening was our centerpiece...and McDonald's take out was being served. Jamy and the kids had hurriedly run through the drive through and prepped before I walked in the door. The kids were giggling to show me the "elegant" dinner that was prepared for us to enjoy together.

It was perfect.

So last night we did the same thing. Jamy and the kids surprised me with flowers. (Side note, earlier in the day he had my favorite pizza delivered to The Women's Clinic - pineapple, ham, and no sauce - for lunch. He knows Papa John's pizza beats flowers any day in my book.)  He ran to pick up McDonald's while we set the table. And as we prayed over our cheeseburgers and talked about what this meant for our family over french fries, I was overwhelmed with the imperfection and beauty of it all. Our table full with each member of our family eating and laughing and talking. Just the way it was meant to be.

I'm pretty sure this will be tradition every January 31st in the VanSyckle household. Cheeseburgers on china.  Diet coke and Sprite in wine glasses. Candles and Happy Meals. The best way to celebrate what God's done in our home.

This morning the kids gave us this "song" they had written.  Even more perfect.

Yes, we "sould" be thankful.  Daddy came back.  And we're gonna celebrate.  Cheers.


  1. Love this post and the one you posted yesterday. What a sweet time of celebration for your family! Thanks for sharing! Always love your posts =)
    Also, love your family necklace! Where did you get it?

    1. Thanks friend! And the necklace is handcrafted by a jeweler here in town that Jamy got me that day :)


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