Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friends are Friends Forever

Insert your eye roll [here] for the amazingly over-used 80's Michael W. Smith hit as a blog title. But I couldn't resist. This past weekend was full of cliche music lyrics, lots of laughter, and real conversations.  I wanted to write this post yesterday, but was rushed to the emergency room with a crazy headache instead (not on the agenda). Luckily, all is well and now I'm free to share about our weekend with some amazing people.

Jamy and I met Dan and Lori earlier this year. We immediately hit it off as couples and recognized the uniqueness to that. (Often I get along with her or he gets along with him, but it's rare that everybody likes everybody in couple friendships. Tell me I'm not the only one...)

It's refreshing to find people on this earth that you can be real with, who know your story, and get your humor and sarcasm. Downside to all of this: Dan and Lori live in Wisconsin. So when they stopped in KC for a 24 hour long visit, we jumped at the chance and savored every minute of laughter. The weekend was full of Jamy's good food, ice cream and shopping on the Plaza (not the local strip mall as Lori found out), church at Redeemer, and a patio lunch that lasted for hours before they had to jet. They loved on our kids and Jackson had trouble saying goodbye (see picture below).

At one point this weekend, Jamy pointed out that we've only had face to face time with Dan and Lori for a total of 5 days. And already we've swapped life stories (the real stuff), created memories, and share inside jokes.  

Real friendship, God-given friendship is like that. You pick up where you left off. You speak truth when it's hard. You cry together (also been done with Dan and Lori - day 2 I believe?). Even though we're not able to do life in the traditional sense together, we're thankful we have friends like this in our lives, even if they live 560 miles away.

And Lori, aren't you glad I didn't post the pics from the truck stop? 

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