Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to Work (and Why I Love It)

This morning I started my "welcome-back-to-real-life-Monday-morning-after-vacation" day. I hopped on the treadmill and almost died. Jamy got pulled over in a police traffic sting. And now I'm in the midst of responding to emails after being stuck with internet service like it was 1999.

And I love it. Do I miss our vacation and my extended family? Oh yeah. I miss the view I woke up to every morning, laughing with my siblings, and having nothing to do but head to the beach, go on fun day trips, and read on the porch. But I love that I come back to our home. Where everything is familiar, our dogs laze on the couch, and I know how to brew the perfect mug of coffee for the morning.

I especially love that I come back to a job I adore. As an adoption consultant, I came back to creating profile books for birth families to look over, celebrating with clients who are expecting their baby any day, advising families on fundraising for their adoption, and Facebook and Instagram feeds full of sweet little faces in their forever families.

And then I received a text this morning with a new family picture and a video from one of my sweet families. Alan and Amanda have adopted twice through me (you can hear more about their story adopting their daughter here). The first 30 seconds of the video are worth the entire thing.

I'm wishing myself a "welcome-back-to-real-life-Monday-morning-after-vacation." 

I'm blessed that this is the work I get to come back to.

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