Friday, April 12, 2013

Congratulations Alan and Amanda

Since the day I first met Amanda, she has always been confident that God was writing the story of their family.  

Alan and Amanda hold a dear place in my heart. They adopted their son, Creed through my consulting services just over a year ago.When Amanda called me over the holidays saying they were ready to pursue adoption again, I wasn't surprised. Their heart for their family and passion for adoption overflows into everything they do. And I was thrilled to work with them again!

Alan and Amanda signed up with Christian Adoption Consultants the end of February, completed their home study the next month, and DAYS later were matched with their birth family. Then, TWO days later their beautiful daughter was born!

Out of all the the texts I get during the week, these are always some of my favorites.

Congrats Alan and Amanda.You were right. God wrote your family a beautiful story.

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