Monday, April 22, 2013

He's 6 Today

It's hard to believe you came into our world six years ago, Jackson.

It's been a big year for you, buddy. You broke your arm falling from the monkey bars. You started Kindergarten at Whitefield. You've begun reading with a vengeance. You've had to deal with chronic pain and shown how brave you are.

If I'm honest, there are things I miss about you being little.  
I miss your adorable toddler curls. I miss wearing you and nursing you and you falling asleep in my lap. I also miss your naps (a lot). But you still twirl your hair when you tell me a story or are tired. And you bury your head in my chest when you're scared or nervous. You still sleep with your "hippo." And you're still not too big to snuggle and kiss your mama.  

But there are things I'm loving about you growing up.
You've developed quite a sense of humor and love playing pranks on all of us. Your favorite joke is "Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide!" And it never gets old (for you). Your giggle is contagious. Right now you love sword fighting, Star Wars, break dancing, Mario Cart, and playing any kind of sport. You are constantly in motion and we have to slow you down to eat and wrestle you down to sleep. Some of my favorite times spent with you are snuggling up with you reading a book or going to Starbucks for a mommy/son date with hot chocolate and a card game.

And there are lots of ways you make me proud.
I'm proud of your sense of developing justice. You fiercely defend your sister even though you're the little brother.  You care for those around you and are loyal to a fault. You have a sensitive heart that can't quite handle some of the action scenes in Disney movies.  And you're beginning to understand what it means to really love Jesus.  I love to listen to you pray and get a glimpse of how you and Jesus talk together.  

I'm so proud to be your mama.

I love you, buddy. You'll always be my favorite boy.  

Happy birthday, Jack.  I'm so excited for what year six will hold for you...

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  1. Cannot believe he is 6 already! Oh, and the joke thing....he totally gets that from his father. I can remember Jamy telling the most 'funny' jokes we ever heard. I still laugh just thinking about it so I guess they really were funny!!!! Enjoy this special day.


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