Thursday, August 16, 2012

To My Kindergartner and First Grader

Dear Isabelle and Jackson,

I'm joining with the masses of mommies at the beginning of a school year and asking where the time went. 

Seriously, how did you get so big?  I swear I filmed this just last year...

Every part of me wants to tell you to just stop. Stop growing up. Stop growing out of your jeans. Stop growing out of your toddler curly hair.  

And yet I know it's inevitable. Things will change and you will both get BIG and you will not need me as much. But today, I'm cherishing having a kindergartner and first grader who suddenly seem much older after putting your little uniforms on. 
There are certain moments I try to burn the memory of in my heart forever. This morning was one of them.  Both of you with your little backpacks with your names on them and matching lunchboxes (Isabelle with a butterfly and Jackson with your dinosaur). Both of you eagerly walking ahead of Mommy and Daddy into your school (did I mention it looks HUGE compared to my babies).  

And I'm glad you haven't grown out of hugs and kisses yet. Because I needed them just as much as you both did when we said goodbye this morning.

Happy first day of school, Bella and Jack. It's gonna be a good year...

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  1. I can't believe how big they are! Thank you for posting this video again. Paul and I still reference "not your body, my body" frequently. :)


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