Monday, August 6, 2012

Love is...(For Parents)

I've been using this book, "Powerful Prayers for Your Children" by David and Heather Kopp, to pray out of the Bible for Isabelle and Jackson recently. I came across this prayer and it was too good not to share. Such a good reminder for this mama's fickle heart.

Praying from I Corinthians 13:4-8

Today I pray that none of my efforts will be wasted because every aspect of my parenting is backed up by the true qualities of love.

When I feel tense and short-tempered, help me to take a deep breath and remember that love is patient (v.4).

When I am wrapped up in my own to-do lists, remind me to take time to pay attention and be kind to my children (v. 4).

When I am tempted to compare my kids with other people kids, help me to remember that genuine love doesn't express itself through envying - or boasting, either (v. 4).

When I discipline or reprimand my kids, help me to check my tone of voice and my expression, remembering that love is not rude (v.5 ).

When my kids argue, beg, or whine, remind me that love is always slow to anger (v. 5).

When I'm at my wit's end and tempted to give my kids a quick rundown of all the things they've done wrong the past few days to bring me to this point, remind me that love doesn't keep a record of wrongs (v. 5).

When I feel twinges of smugness about another parent's failure, remind me that love doesn't rejoice over bad news but when good happens (v. 6).

When I'm ready to take a foolish risk with my child's safety because I'm too distracted or too tired to insist on precaution, remind me that love always protects (v. 7).

When I'm reluctant to let my child take on challenges he seems ready for, remind me to trust You and what You're doing in my child (v. 7).

When I'm discouraged about my child's progress in a certain area, remind me that love always hopes, even in the face of setbacks (v. 7).  

When I'm tired and feeling like I just can't parent well, remind me that love never gives up (v. 7).

Amen and amen.


  1. Oh that is good. And ever appropriate today. Thanks friend- :)

  2. This is just what I needed. Thank you for the reminder of such a beautiful blessing-parenting. Do you mind if I share with a group of homeschool moms who would agree? Thank you for the precious story and pictures of Sam, Lesly, and their new baby girl. God is good!

    1. Feel free to share! I'm glad it was encouraging! xo -Susan


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