Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're Calling It the Monkey Bar Fiasco

We called it: Jamy and I said this would be the summer. And we were right.

It happened during "kindergarten meet and greet" on June 14th at Jackson’s school. (By the way, do you love this name? I think I’ll have a “meet and greet” next time I want to hire a plumber.) The time for us to schmooze his kindergarten teacher and let her know that he’s on track to become a rocket scientist, reads at a 9th grade reading level, and never picks his nose. Ever. 

But before I got to any of that important stuff, he had fallen off the monkey bars and we knew it was serious. I mean, this kid never stops. Usually just a quick hug from mama and he’s back to prepping for the Olympic horizontally mounted overhead ladder (we’re counting on the monkey bars to be a college sport to pay for college).

But this time was different and Jackson was babying his arm. On the way home I even offered him a slushy from Sonic. A ploy I had worked out to offer to his lame arm as a gauge to know if we were off to the emergency room.  When the kid didn’t even move, we made plans to get there fast.

Within 30 minutes of being at the local children’s hospital, we had a diagnosis of a “right radial fracture.” The doctor was shocked that Jackson even let her touch his arm much less do an exam before the x-ray. So he was sent home in a formed-to-his-body splint and several days later got his cast. 

And he's in this crazy super-bionic cast that’s waterproof (thank the good Lord). Essentially, they wrapped his arm in bubble wrap and then wrapped blue fiberglass around that. Seriously, he could easily put a hole in one of my walls with that thing (he’s already damaged some furniture with it it’s so hard!)

So now we’re doing the summer with Jackson in a cast up to his shoulder. And it totally slows him down and he’s struggling to keep up. Not. At. All. He’s a champ and you wouldn’t know he’s got a bum arm. He freaks everyone out with his running and climbing and general being a boy.   

But I have stopped him from training on the horizontally mounted overhead ladder. At least for now.  The scholarship can wait a few months...

*By the way, you'll have to deal with iPhone photos all over this blog.  I am not one of those moms who wears a Rebel around her neck all the time.

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