Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crushing the Myth (And Why I'm Doing This)

So I’ve wanted to blog for a while now. Friends say I should do it. They also lie and tell me a ton of people will read it. 

So, let’s get a few things straight before I start typing God-knows-what into a silly looking format that only my mom will read…

  1. I am not funny.  Witty – sometimes.  Sarcastic – often. I usually find myself wishing there was a sarcastic emoticon while texting and emailing. This would get me out of a lot of sticky situations. 
  2. I am not profound.  My “profundity” can be found on my twitter. Anything past 140 characters and I’m done. So we’ll see how this all works out…maybe you should stop reading these after the first sentence or two.
  3. I’m regular.  My life is fairly average and I’m a normal girl. Full of the chaos of parenting and working and housekeeping and keeping my sanity. 
  4. I’m real.  If I’m anything I’m sincere and transparent. Usually to a fault. We’ll see how this rolls with the interwebs. (Again, it can’t be too bad with only my mother reading, right?)
  5. I can’t write.  How's that for "welcome to my blog - please read it." I don’t even journal for heaven’s sake which I know will send me straight to hell. (OK, not really ‘cause I love Jesus).

Because I’m really doing it for me and my family. To preserve memories. To remember the things that are really important. To preach the gospel to myself and actually write it out so I can hear it not just in my head but in my heart. So I can track the grace filled mess God is creating right now.  In my life.  

So here we go... 

{oh, and you should know...I really like coffee. A lot.}


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