Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Congratulations Matt and Jayme

This is another adoption story that can only be explained by God and his amazing timing...

Matt and Jayme started their adoption process in November. When I say started, I mean they began with me at Christian Adoption Consultants and with their home study process just over five weeks ago.

I need to track the dates just so you can appreciate their story:

November 7th - began with CAC and started their home study 
November 21st - I created and printed their profile for prospective birth families 
December 5th - their home study was approved

That day when they emailed to say their were home study approved, this was our conversation via email:

Jayme: So - what are the chances of us having our baby by Christmas?? LOL!! I know, slim to none, but a girl can hope, right? :)
Me: I would say the chances are slim but totally not impossible. We'll see about God's timing!!!!

And then, not 5 minutes later I sent her a situation. A birthmama from Jayme's hometown, due in several weeks and wanting to make an adoption plan.

For Matt and Jayme, there was no hesitation. They sent their profile and a heartfelt letter to the birth mother and a unabandoned "yes" to whatever God had for them.

December 13th they were matched.
December 14th they got the call that their birth mama was in labor.

Hours later they were parents. 

Jayme was right. A girl can hope. A family can be made before Christmas. 

And God can surprise us all with his seemingly impossible timing.

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