Monday, December 9, 2013

Congratulations Romin and Audrey

Romin and Audrey began their journey with Christian Adoption Consultants in May. After seeing many, many situations of possible birth families and babies that might be a good fit for their family, one finally came through in September that seemed to stand out.  

So, they put their "yes" on the table. They were presented to a birth mama as a family who would love to raise her son if she felt adoption was the best choice.

But when an adoptive family says "yes," they are saying yes to more than a situation.

They are saying yes to the sacrifice of finances.

They are saying yes to making room in their homes.

They are saying yes to honor a birth mother's brave decision for life.

Ultimately, they are saying yes to God's call in their lives.

After days of waiting, they were chosen.  After months of planning, they had a due date.

And over Thanksgiving weekend, their "yes" to adoption was answered by this precious little boy.

God does miraculous things with our "yeses." For Romin and Audrey, their blessing is this little guy.

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