Monday, January 20, 2014

Congratulations Rob and Carla

Rob and Carla started with Christian Adoption Consultants in late August.  After finishing their home study in record time, they were matched to the first birth mama they were presented to in October. Then, this past week, this sweet little guy entered the world. 

In less than five months start to finish, they became a family of three.

A family who took the dreams they dared to dream in the quiet of their hearts and decided to act on them.

A family who did the hard work of filling out paperwork, saving the finances, and preparing their hearts.

Because behind the scenes, God is always working. While Rob and Carla were planning and preparing, God had a beautiful story he was writing for their family. 

Congrats Rob and Carla! I'm so thrilled you took those first steps toward your son. 

They were worth it.

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